First, let's just start with a review of what the matrix is and why you are still in it.


If your outer world isn’t what you’d like it to be, that means you are still in the matrix. The matrix is a set of beliefs that you were taught by your society and outer world systems, and it is based on untruths and fears. The matrix generally does not believe in things like miracles, God, faith, intuitive powers, truths that can be seen outside of science and physical realities, angels, ascension and higher states of consciousness. So, your outer world isn’t what you truly want, and that means that some beliefs or perceptions you still have connect with matrix thinking, beliefs and feelings. Therefore, you are still having life challenges.

Your life challenges can teach you something and get you closer to leaving the matrix; but you have to be able to see the untruths that God is trying to get you to see within those negative matrix-created inner states and outer negative matrix experiences. Please do not blame or criticize yourself because you are and were caught up in the matrix and its challenges. You were born into the matrix and programmed by it all of your life, day in and day out, and everyone around you believes in the lies of the matrix. It is extremely difficult to remove yourself from this, even if you have been ascending your consciousness to higher and higher levels of wisdom, enlightenment and ascension light quotients, even if you have no judgments, even if you have a lot of unconditional love and understanding of life and people, even if you have a lot of faith in God, even if your morals and ethics are very high and very strong.

Like you, I am still in the matrix, despite all that I have learned and how much I have grown and ascended so far in my life. And because I am still in the matrix, this tells me I have more to see, more to grow, more to learn; it tells me that I am still at least to some extent buying into the matrix belief systems. I am not necessarily always aware of these false beliefs and perceptions, and so God works at bringing these illusions to my attention. If I am not able to see something, then sometimes God will allow trouble to come to my doorstep to get me to see what He wants me to see. Once I see it, once I really get it, then my false beliefs of the matrix become healed, and then God will help me to turn around that trouble, that current challenge.


I just recently went through such a challenge, and it was very hard for me to get it. It had to do with making payments on insurance, all around my car; and it also had to do with avoiding car accidents and car breakdowns. My car is extremely important to me. I really need to have a car for all kinds of reasons.

A year ago, I joined AAA, and I also bought their car insurance. My AAA car insurance agent had told me that the car insurance, after the good driver and good student and other discounts, would be $167 a year, payable every September. I thought, oh, what great luck! That’s half of what the cheapest car insurance on the planet would cost! I so do love AAA!

Well, that was back in September of 2012. The following March of 2013, I suddenly get a bill for car insurance in my mailbox, and it says I owe at least $77 right now on car insurance and I have two weeks to pay it or else. I call up the customer service line, and I find out after that, I owe another $77 in June to pay up for the year’s car insurance, and then in September I will owe $319 for the next year’s cycle, or the time payments they currently have me scheduled for. I tell the agent that my agent told me I only had to pay $167 a year, not twice a year. My actual agent is out of town until the end of the week and so I’m talking to a customer service agent instead.

On top of that, I get another bill in the mail from AAA for my yearly membership dues. I thought it would be for $40, but it was for $95 instead. It seems that the way they had advertised the upgrade to the Plus level, it made it look like it was only $40, but it was actually the regular fee of $55 plus another $40. I call up and say I want to go back to the lower, regular fee of $55. So, they tell me okay, we’ll do that for you; but in the meantime, you are still covered by the Plus upgrade until the end of March, at which time your yearly membership will be due. So, I figure at the end of March, I will owe a membership fee of $55, which is more than I had planned to pay and I had only budgeted in $40, and I was having trouble figuring out how I could afford the extra difference, but it wasn’t a lot and so I figured I’d come up with it somehow. But then I find out that the $55 is due now, at the beginning of March, and not at the end of March as that other customer service person had told me on the phone recently. I was upset. I called up again, and I just decided I could not afford even the $55, even if they were to postpone it until the end of March, which they wouldn’t, and I said I just want to cancel my membership and I’ll reinstate it in a couple of months when I can afford it. So, they cancelled my membership. What did this mean? It meant that for a couple of months, if my car breaks down on the road, I will not be able to tow it home or to a station. I prayed that my car would not break down during this time period.

So, getting back to the car insurance problems, on Friday, when my car insurance agent was due to return, I was going to call him up and try to get him to rewrite my policy to postpone my remaining payments for that cycle for a couple of months, explaining to him that there had been some sort of misunderstanding and I had thought it was $167 for the year and not for twice a year. But when Friday came, I was sick with a cold, working, and I just didn’t feel like dealing with it on top of the cold. I wanted to just relax and work on getting healthier for the weekend. I didn’t want to have to deal with these problems again this week. On top of that, I really needed to check my bank account balance to see if the AAA credit of $55 had cleared my account, which it hadn’t cleared earlier in the week, and I needed it to clear so that I could stay on my usual budget, plus have about $25 extra money to work with for a few needed items. That whole thing was another issue I had been dealing with which had been partially worked out so far. That was a whole another story….the previous Friday, I had called AAA to see when they could give me the credit to turn around the $55 debit they had put onto my bank account, and they did the credit, but they said it’d take until the next business day probably to clear my bank account; the next business day came, I called the automated teller and it indicated it had cleared, then I went to the bank’s drive-up window to cash some extra money based on that credit, got it, enabling me to pay the total rent which was now a day late plus get a few needed items like gas, etc. Then a couple of days later, my bank calls me and tells me I am overdrawn by around $32, and I say that cannot be because the bank just credited the $55; she says, no it didn’t, it didn’t go through; and I said but the automated teller said it went through, and she said that didn’t mean it actually went through because it was an “intraday” balance but not yet actually cleared, and I said then how is it I was able to withdraw that cash if my balance was only $1 at that time and she couldn’t answer me that. Anyway, she didn’t charge me for the overdraft, and in the meantime a couple of days later I deposited my new paycheck and was still waiting for the $55 credit to clear my account so that I could take care of my usual needs beyond saving the rest of my paycheck for half the rent, as usual.

So, all of these financial problems over two week’s time were around these issues: car breakdowns and lack of insurance for same; rent being late and it not being my fault; and not being able to continue my car insurance. These problems were all due to someone else’s mistakes and not my mistakes. But why was this happening to me?

I hadn’t seen it coming. I had believed what they had told me and had based my financial planning according to their verbal statements to me. I had been very meticulous with my financial planning and budgeting and thought I had it all well covered. I was protecting my car and my finances.

I must also mention that over the last maybe three to five months, I had had several incidents where I came very close to having some sort of car accident, and I would say this was largely not my fault. Two incidents stood out in my mind. One was where a car came at me out of the blue and had not been there a minute before; however, although he came very close to my car, our cars did not crash into one another and all was fine, but I was plenty shook up. The other incident that stood out for me was very recent; I was driving along at a fairly slow pace and was near to where I normally park and walk a short distance to my home, when suddenly I see this woman walking in front of my car, jaywalking. Well, I have had this happen before, they jaywalk all the time near where I live and they don’t look at all for any oncoming cars; it’s like everyone is just asleep and they aren’t being self-protective and they aren’t following the laws that say cars have the right of way and you aren’t supposed to be jaywalking. In this city in my area, the night lights are on at night, but they are dimmer than in most other cities I have lived in, and when someone jaywalks by me at night, it is very hard to see them, they are like shadows, and you have to be alert to see them at any given moment. I did see her, but at the very last minute. She was so close I could have hit her. And she was so asleep, as if she was drugged or something; she looked up, saw my car, and had no emotional reaction at all, no attempt to move herself forward fast as to not be hit by my car. Anyway, I’m wondering why is this happening, and why did I lose my concentration and not see her more ahead of time.

I had my best realizations about all of this this morning when I decided to quiet my mind for a few moments and just meditate. Number 1: I may be able to control my own actions and mind, but I cannot control other people’s actions and minds. Number 2: Therefore, trouble may come to me because of other people’s mistakes, asleep states and states of consciousness. Number 3: When this happens, the potential trouble either isn’t happening even though it comes close to happening; or else, it happens, yet it gets turned around in my favor. Number 4: Why does the potential trouble not happen, and why does the trouble that happened get turned around, and how? Even though I couldn’t see it all coming, when it came close, something turned it around so it wouldn’t ultimately hurt me. What turned it around and preventing things from getting worse? #1: My own higher states of consciousness and who I am. First of all, I cannot attract such trouble, as there is nothing in me that can now attract car accidents or hitting of pedestrians. There is also nothing in me that can attract charges for being overdrawn at my bank even though normally they would charge for such an issue; and there is nothing in me that can attract customer service people that are angry with me or that won’t try to solve things for me. Secondly, it has to do with who I am, how I feel and act, and also my good reputation with my bank and my landlord. #2: It has to do with God. This was a big realization for me. What I saw this morning was that I just cannot always see everything that’s coming or everything that’s a mistake to begin with. I am dealing with lots of things to focus on and work on every day all day. Even if I was totally ascended and totally intuitive at all times, I could not see everything all of the time because it’s just too much to see and deal with. Things happen that we cannot always control or prevent or see no matter how ascended we are. If we no longer lived amongst the matrix and its people, most of these negative things could probably be avoided; but if we still live in the matrix, things like this may sometimes happen. So, here’s the insight: when we cannot see a mistake and when we cannot see trouble coming, God sees it for us, and God will prevent it from hurting us and He will turn it all around for us….as long as there is nothing within ourselves that could attract such trouble. God had been preventing accidents, giving me refunds, connecting me with very understanding and nice customer service representatives, preventing any overdraft charges, preventing any late charges or anger from my landlord, and God had even made it so that I was able to get the extra cash for my rent and other needs even though the bank later said that the credit had not gone through at that point! So, even though I cannot control what other people do and I cannot always see potential problems coming, God will help me with it. Why did it happen in the first place, then? Because God wanted me to see all of this and understand it so He let it come through for me to look at and get the insights from.

One insight was that there must be something in me that fears accidents, car breakdowns, troubles with my bank and overdraft charges, being late with the rent, and not being in proper control with my finances. At the same time, however, there is something in me that cannot actually attract and experience: car accidents, car breakdowns, the landlord getting mad at me and charging me late fees, the bank getting mad at me and charging me overdraft fees, and my car hitting pedestrians. So, it’s not only that God will help, but it’s also that my consciousness is high enough at this point that even if such troubles come my way, they are turned around because I cannot attract their ultimate conclusions of big troubles. My intent and focus is financial stability and financial responsibility, having a good car that doesn’t break down, having money for car repairs, having money for car insurance and being legal with that, and never getting into any car accidents, and so those intents and focus will stop any attempts by dark forces to bring these types of troubles into my world. I also know who I am and others can see who I am and my good intentions, and they like me, and so they will bend over backwards to help me and forgive me and not blame me and not charge me for things that were obviously not caused by me. I have no guilts or desires for self-punishment. I have nothing in my consciousness that could expect, want or attract financial ruin, disability, accidents or bank problems.

However, I did have concerns about could these things happen and so I did attract them to a minor extent, but there was something else inside of me that stopped it and turned it around, with God’s help.

I cannot control other people’s mistakes and behaviors. I cannot always see a problem coming. This is because I am constantly focused on many other things like work, my ascension process, daily concerns and activities, everything going on, and it’s a lot, and so I cannot always be totally intuitive and see all potential problems or mistakes, but I do my best, and I am pretty good at seeing a lot of it, but there are some things that may slip through the cracks sometimes. When someone tells me something verbally, I tend to believe that’s correct and that’s what happened with the car insurance, the car breakdown insurance, and even the automated phone teller at my bank. I didn’t think it was necessary to try and double-check on what I was being told to make sure it wasn’t a mistake or a misunderstanding on my or their parts. God will help in these types of situations. We cannot always prevent troubles from hitting our doorstep; but we can grow and intuit and talk our way out of those troubles and we can pray and who we are can prevent the trouble from getting bigger and can turn it all around, with God’s help. Without God’s help, things could have been a lot worse in these recent situations.

So, why am I telling you about all of this today? What does it have to do with ascension and getting out of the matrix?

To get out of the matrix mind-set and systems and cities, you have to understand about things like insurance. Now, I have to have car insurance because it is illegal to drive without it. And so, if something happens where I cannot afford car insurance, or there is some sort of misunderstanding or mistake around this, then I have to examine what to do if I am forced to do without car insurance. Do I keep driving without the car insurance and does that mean I could lose my ability to drive if the law finds out? Does driving without car insurance mean that I might get into a car accident and then have legal troubles? Do I have car insurance just because it is a legal requirement, or do I also have it because I fear getting into a car accident and believe I might not be able to avoid this? The truth is that I can avoid ever getting into a car accident and that my consciousness and God would not allow it to ever happen to me. I know this, but how deeply do I believe it?

Then there’s the AAA membership insurance which protects me from having to tow my car and not being able to pay the rent or cover basic financial needs while doing it. It doesn’t protect my car against breakdowns, but at least it gives me comfort knowing that AAA will tow my car for free, protecting me from troubles. So, what is my belief attitude around this issue? Does having this insurance make me expect a car breakdown? Does it make me fear a car breakdown? Or do I have the belief and attitude that God will always help me financially and help me to be able to fix the car and keep it in good running order so that a breakdown never happens? And if I believe that, then do I need or should I have this insurance anyway? I could say, well, it’s nice to have this insurance, and this insurance is one way God does protect me….but if I am having trouble paying for this insurance, then there is something wrong inside of my thinking and believing and feeling around car breakdowns, and I am being overly fearful about this, even if my mind says I am not fearing it.

I had also been fearing car accidents because I saw that I could not control other people’s driving and that a car accident could happen even if I was an excellent driver. What’s the answer to that? The answer is that if there is nothing in your consciousness that could attract such a disaster to your health or finances (like guilt and self-punishment, or a belief that you or God could not and would not prevent this)…then you cannot attract this, even if it comes real close, it cannot happen. It means that your thinking and feelings and positivity about you, your life, your nonjudgments, protect you from these disasters. It means that you may have a few illusions in this area, a few fears, but that largely, your thoughts, beliefs and feelings are on the side of this cannot happen to me and I will not allow it and God will protect me from it…that’s why even when car accidents came close to me, they actually did not occur.

These experiences I have been having around these issues are part of my trying to leave the matrix. I have to be stronger in my knowing of these truths. The fact that these troubles even came close to me makes me realize that I need to re-examine these issues and be stronger in the truth concerning them. I am no longer who I used to be, but part of who I used to be and how I used to think and feel still can affect my outer reality to some extent, and so I have to be stronger in the truth. What it all mostly came down to, though, was that God would protect me from these things, and that God would turn it all around for me, and that who I am now protects me from further trouble with these situations. That brings me peace and enables me to play my part easily in turning it all around.

It has all been partially turned around so far. The bank didn’t charge me for the overdraft and was nice with me about it. The landlord didn’t get angry or charge me any late fees. AAA didn’t insist that I pay them the membership fee and they just gave me a credit and then let me cancel my membership, plus they gave me the credit within a couple of hours of my requesting it (even though it wouldn’t clear the bank right away). My car hasn’t broken down. I haven’t gotten in any car accidents even though I came close. Once I get that AAA membership credit on my bank account, I will have plenty of money and extra money to take care of my usual basic financial needs. In a couple of months I will have plenty of money to cover the AAA car insurance and membership fees, and in the meantime, I will just have faith in myself and in God that I won’t attract any car breakdowns or car accidents and that I can still drive without car insurance without getting into legal trouble.

Insurance is a matrix idea. It is based on a lack of faith in oneself and a lack of faith in God to protect us from what we are being insured for. We really don’t need it if we are at a certain level of awareness where we can know for sure that these bad things cannot and will not happen to us. But for those who are not at those higher levels of awareness, insurance can certainly help them if they are manifesting troubles.

But anyway, I am telling you this true story about my troubles with insurance because the concept of insurance and why you need or don’t need insurance is one of the things you must let go of within the matrix in order to be able to get out of the matrix and live the kind of life you really want to live.

Anything that has Fear as a foundation for it is ultimately falsehood and matrix and you must let go of it to be able to get out of the matrix and into the life you want to be living. Look at everything in the matrix and see that it is ALL fear-based and a disconnect from faith in God.

But besides faith in God, we have to have faith in ourselves, and we have to be in a lot of truth to know that we can create things and turn things around just as God can for us. We have to play a part in it; it isn’t all just about God protecting and helping us all of the time. I do my part in keeping the car well maintained, in budgeting my finances, in doing my financial planning, in thinking positively and expecting only the best. I do my part in being the best person I can be, in staying in nonjudgment and understanding of others, in being responsible and ethical.


I could write a whole article about this next subject, but I want to just briefly give it as another example about insurance. Health insurance. God and Jesus, ascended masters and healers, they can heal us of disease states miraculously. However, we must also do our part to keep our bodies healthy and turn around our disease states, by how we think and feel and behave, and by what we choose to eat that either strengthens and heals our body or hurts our body and creates or keeps disease states with us. If our consciousness and eating habits are not such that creates health, then we need health insurance. If we do not believe that God or Jesus or healers can heal our diseases, then we need health insurance and doctors…but do they really heal our bodies or not? Mostly not. And if they do, the disease can return again later on because we are still eating unhealthy foods and thinking unhealthy thoughts. But if we know we eat healthy at all times, if we know we do not expect or create disease in us, and if we know that if disease does come to us that God, Jesus and healers can help us to heal the disease, our eating habits and our consciousness that created the disease, then we do not need health insurance. Still, the insurance might be a way that God gives us the money to get well again, just as car breakdown insurance is a way God helps us financially if we made a mistake and didn’t see a car problem coming…and so, I’m not exactly saying we should not have insurance, but I am saying that we must closely look at our feelings and thoughts concerning insurance and make sure we are not in fear and expecting troubles and make sure we have enough faith in ourselves and in God to know that whatever trouble happens, we could probably overcome it without the insurance, as God can bring us all kinds of monetary and people help in miraculous ways. Insurance says we do not believe in miracles, that we only believe in science and logic and what can be done physically to help us. This is due to how we are raised, due to the educational system’s focus on things not of God but of science and logic, and due to our societal conditioning and systems as a whole.

God and you are your insurance, not some insurance company that you are paying astronomical amounts of money to. $300 or more in car insurance per year is ridiculously expensive. What you put your money into is what you believe in. If you believe that you need insurance, then you are in fear and doubt yourself and doubt God. This is one way that the dark forces keep us in this illusory matrix of false beliefs and keep us away from faith in God and faith in our own consciousness to protect us. It’s like believing in doctors and health insurance instead of believing in consciousness and God to heal us.

Insurance is a fear-based matrix belief system. See the real truth and let go of it. It’s part of leaving the matrix.

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah is a minister, writer, artist and social worker. She writes about how socialization can be to one's detriment and prevent one from ascending into higher and higher levels of ascension (ie, enlightenment). Enlightenment and ascension has levels to it, like the wattages of lightbulbs. There is always more to learn and grow. She calls the negativities of societal systems and fear-based beliefs, "the matrix." As Zarla grows in her own ascension process, she shares with her readers what she is learning to help them ascend to higher levels and be able to leave the matrix. Leaving the matrix, to Zarla, means moving out of the cities and suburbs and living with others of like mind in a lifestyle that is in line with their ascended consciousness, living close to nature, eating only organic, healthy foods, creating their own societal norms outside of fear-based matrix systems and lifestyles.