Why does God allow dark forces to exist and cause us trouble? Because without dark forces, there would be no growth, no building up of our strength, our courage, and our truth. We have to have something to test our faith, strengthen our faith, and keep moving us forward.

Okay, here’s the rub….when does this friction stop? When do you become the pearl? How do you know when you are ready to be a pearl and no longer need the friction of dark force attacks on you to help you to become a pearl through your growth? Do you know all the truth you need to know now to be free of dark forces in your life? Only you and God can answer these questions.

If you, yourself, still have any false beliefs that connect you with the dark force matrix of world cultures and systems, then you are still here in the matrix, in the society or country you grew up in and were programmed in. What happens is that the dark forces, both on earth and in the spirit world, will psychically attack you on your false beliefs, and these psychic attacks create some of your negative emotional reactions, influence you into bad choices, create your illnesses, cause you problems in relationships and friendships and at work, and influence others against you in various ways. This is one heck of a lot of trouble with a capital T.

The only way to free yourself from these attacks is to ascend into a high enough light level that you have awakened to all of your illusions and are strong in all truth and clear in your perceptions and “seeing,” and then you are ready to leave the matrix and the dark forces can no longer cause you any trouble because you are so full of light, love and peace forevermore that there is no attack that can hurt you emotionally, physically, financially, in your relationships, in your work, and in your world.

You have ascended yourself into a Heaven on Earth lifestyle and life. You are in a new life, yet you didn’t need to die and reincarnate to get to it. You are still on this very darkened planet, but living outside of it, in a spiritual community of kindred spirits, hidden away, where no darkness can reach you or find you. There are screens up, like the mists of Avalon, your community is hidden from view, and only those ready to join you in the light there can find you and your community.

Those of you who are headed in this direction understand all that I have talked about so far in this series. I am sharing with you insights I have had that are leading me there faster, too. I think we all need to find each other and stop being alone in a world that we no longer believe in. There are others who are just like you. You need to find them. We are not meant to be alone. We are not meant to stay in the matrix and suffer to try to help. Not at this time in the world’s history. December 21, 2012, was the turning point, the end of a long cycle in the Mayan Calendar. Just because there was no disaster and no end of the world doesn’t mean that something didn’t happen of major importance. It meant it is time for big changes on earth and in earth’s people. I think the time for the lightworkers to leave the matrix is close at hand. We have done all that we could. It’s time to exit and let God and Jesus work on healing them. Only God can heal His people now. We went through our own growth, we played a role as catalyst for other people’s growth, we did all we could think of to do to help ourselves and others, but whatever point we are at now in our lives, I believe it is time to exit the matrix and to find ways to help from a distance, and to help those who are ready to listen to what we know and not try to awaken those who would just think we are crazy and delusional. Do you know what I am talking about?

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I am not writing these articles to make any money or promote any sort of helping business. I just want to impart information, that’s all. I am shown I am meant to now help the lightworkers and those in various levels of ascension to go to higher levels of light.

Beware of lightworkers who use a lot of flowery fancy language and new age jargon, as they seem to be on ego trips of some sort and are not as ascended as they think they are. Many lightworkers fell into egotism this time around, as they knew and saw so much and so began to believe they were superior beings, yet they, too, fell into lots of false beliefs; and if they were so enlightened, then why were they in the matrix and functioning within the matrix and its false beliefs? Egotism comes out of insecurity and low self-esteem. This is created through parental abuses, shocks and traumas, and just pure false upbringing. It is also furthered by the dark forces and the matrix which give false beliefs based on fears. Fears are not real. The only fear that is real is when fear is an intuitive warning signal that danger or trouble is present or could be present if you take a certain action.

I spent many years trying to find ascended masters or shamans who could free me from the dark forces, any false beliefs I might have, and life problems. I never did find anyone who knew enough to free me. That’s because masters of such high quality do not live in the matrix, they don’t live in the cities, because they cannot connect with it, they are too lighted to want to function within it. And they don’t advertise their services, and they don’t ask for money for their services because they no longer need money. They live in a paradise.

So how do you find someone who can help? Best thing is to just keep praying to god for your enlightenment, talk with Jesus as often as you can (and make sure it IS Jesus you are listening to), learn and grow from life experiences, learn from teachers but realize most are still in the matrix and so they only can give you part of the truth, not all of the truth, find truth where you can, and stay strong, keep believing in God and morality, let go of any judgments of self and others, read what you can about ascension but realize it might not all be totally true if the author still lives and functions within the matrix, and just keep growing and ascending until you can leave the matrix and live a Heaven on Earth.

If you are lucky enough to find helping shamans or ascended masters of very high levels who are outside of the matrix, good for you! There are those who have been able to do this. And some of them write books about it. But if you haven’t been able to do this, realize not everyone is meant to have that kind of help and maybe that’s because they can do it on their own and with the help of God.

As long as you still believe in enough truth and believe in God and ask God for help and talk to Jesus, you’ll be okay and get there eventually. Dark forces and the Devil, yes, they are powerful, in a way; but always remember that God is more powerful than they, even though it might not appear so…eventually you will find this out and see how God helped you and grew you and ascended you in spite of the dark force attacks on you and on this earth.

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Zarla Leah is a writer, artist, social worker and minister. She writes about ascension and enlightenment levels, and alternative lifestyles outside of traditional society such as intentional communities. She welcomes comments and questions at: zarlaleah@yahoo.com.