For the last several decades, the challenge of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) has been growing. The risk of catching an infection while receiving healthcare treatments is immense and can increase during outbreaks, affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

We, at Insights Success a Best Business Magazine, caught up with Scott Mader, the CEO and Co-founder, Kelly Powers, the COO and Cofounder, and Steve Daly, the Chief Commercial Officer. They shed light on how AseptiScope aims to deliver infection prevention for clinicians & patients through its novel solutions.

Heading into a New Dawn

AseptiScope maintains a very close connection with thought leaders in the clinical categories in which it intends to compete. In this fashion, it can identify gaps and build products and services that deliver on the attributes that the market requires. In the coming years, AseptiScope expects to be recognized as the company that established a new standard in, and expectation for, stethoscope hygiene. 

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