The world is divided into various continents which differ in size, habitat, people, and culture a lot but as it is the common rule in the human society that no one can remain isolated without communicating to each other. Each of the continents is divided into many countries and people of different country would like to be in touch with each other, get updated with the latest news of people residing in other places. Since the ancient time, humans have been using various sources of communication such as human-messengers, bird-messengers etc. With the advancement in the technology over many years across the entire world each one of us can get the news of various places sitting at one place. The Asians take special interest in various types of Asia news, similarly the Europeans would like to know more about Europe news and the people from various African countries would like to know Africa news in details.

Each day the economic condition and the political situation of many countries across the various continents are changing. A slight change in the economy of a country is responsible for many changes in that country and it has lots to do with the other countries with which it has got relation in any form. For various reasons people from one region migrate to the other parts of the world. People leave their place in search of business expansion, better education, service, training etc. There are lots of political disturbances in various countries of Africa and Asia so people all around the world wait eagerly to know the details of Asia news and Africa news. The various TV channels and news papers provide the latest news of various events happening in different continents.

The various communication media to provide the Asia news, Europe News and Africa news are
• Newspapers
• TV channels
• Internet web portals
• Mobile

The popular newspapers and news channels try to have a strong reader-base or audience-base respectively so they provide the information in the language which is the most popular one in the region so that even a slightly-educated person could get updated with the latest events happening around. For the people of India, the news are provided in-
• English
• Hindi
• The regional language

Getting the latest news of the surrounding is helpful in increasing the knowledge of a person, helps the person in taking a right decision, and increases the self-confidence.

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