Asian Wedding Stages And Their Decoration

To give prominence to the couple getting married in the seating arrangement at marriage ceremony they are provided a bit higher and well decorated platform called wedding stage. The word ‘wedding stage’ indicates that these stages are especially prepared for marriage ceremonies so that the guests may see the couple clearly from a distance and also observe the rituals performed for the couple. Stages are center of activities not only in matrimonial function but also in every other function where it exists. Asian tradition of wedding stages is now getting popular in other continents as well because of their beautiful designs and decoration.

Asian wedding stages travel with its people to all parts of the world. And there are several service providers in Europe and America that offer a range of Asian stages which they prepare on the request. The design and colour of chairs or sofas placed on the stage set its pattern. Tapestry and curtains are used to cover the wall behind the seating arrangement. That covering of the wall also adds elegance to it. Pillars and other props are used to complete a stage. Sometimes a path way to the stage is also decorated to enhance its classiness. Floral bouquets and flower buds are often used to decorate matrimonial stages. The role of light is also critical to get to the level of complete satisfaction of client as far as stage decoration is concerned.

Three different kind of stages are in demand because of three main events in an Asian wedding; Mehndi, Barat and Walima. Different matrimonial rituals are performed on each day so altogether different stages are designed for all three days. Usually Mehndi stages dominated with yellow colour and of Barat day is bold whereas on Walima a predominant touch of decency is seen. In all wedding stages must have cozy seating, easy to get on, centrally placed well lighted and beautifully decorated. While beautifying it keep in mind the surroundings so that the whole place presents a well organized and balanced picture.

Wedding halls are booked in most of marriages around the world and to give the client the stage of his or her choice is also the duty of wedding hall management. Usually every wedding hall has a set of props and article other than fresh flowers to prepare the stage. So to have unusual and distinguishing wedding stage one need to hire service of a professional specialized in their preparation. Other than typical stages a well ornamented buggy is also used as wedding stage. The set of famous Taj Mehal is also used behind the stage to give a romantic aura to the venue set for the union of a couple.

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