Perhaps you have met a man through speed dating or online through an Asian internet dating service.

You feel somewhat comfortable as the two of you have e-mailed, chatted via webcam and talked on the telephone a few times.

Now you are preparing for your first date with who you hope is Mr. Right.

When getting ready for a date, make sure you look your best.

Dress appropriately for the date. Wear shoes that look lovely and are comfortable to wear.

Wear shoes that make you feel confident, not unsure that you may fall due to their high height.

If you are going to wear perfume some of the best spots on your body to put it are behind your ears, a drop on your neck and/or on your wrists.

Put perfume on lightly so you do not kill your date with the overbearing smell.

Remember just because you love a certain type of perfume, others may not be able to stand it.

Worse yet, there are a lot of people who are sensitive or allergic to strong perfume smells so please use sparingly. Less is best in this case.

Make sure your breath is fresh.

Carry mints in your purse. A good way to check your breath is to inconspicuously lick the inside of your wrist.

When the wetness dries, smell your wrist where it previously was wet.

Whatever your wrist smells like is what your breath smells like to other people.

If you do not like what you smell, pop in a mint as soon as possible.When you meet for the Asian date make sure that you are on time.

Men do not like to be kept waiting. Their time is just as important as yours.

If you cannot help it and an emergency comes up and you will be late for the date, be courteous and call him and let him know.

Carry yourself with confidence. This means stand up straight and keep your chin up.

Look your man in the eyes when the two of you speak to each other. Most men love a confident woman who he can get to know better. A lot of men like a woman who has a career as well.

There are, however, men that would like a woman that will stay at home in the future to care for their children.

You both will know ahead of time if you have the same goal in life since you met through an online Asian dating site.A secret tip you may catch yourself doing on the date is playing with your hair; this means that you are attracted to him.

Another way to tell if you are attracted to him is if you look down shyly at times.

If you look from side to side you are not attracted to him. If you are thinking you sure wish he would kiss you and you catch yourself licking your lips, this is a body language sign that tells a man you want a kiss.

He may or may not catch this signal from you.Hopefully the two of you chose the first date together with similar interests.

This way, you both will have a great time together and feel more at ease. Maybe your Asian man wanted to surprise you on your first date.

This can be fantastic if you like surprises. Since the two of you have been talking online and on the telephone, surely he will know a lot of your interests and plan accordingly.

If it is in your hands to plan the date than you should know his interests so you can plan a fun date for the two of you. If he likes to cook you could plan a date at a restaurant or place that allows people to cook their own food.

The two of you can have some playful fun in the kitchen, watch each other's culinary skills and enjoy your food when you are done. Order a bottle of wine and you have a wonderful dinner date.

While you are on your date, make sure you ask your date a lot of questions. Get to really know him.

Share some information about yourself as well, but do not give away all of your secrets.

Keep your man coming back for more with a little mystery.

Men do not want to hear about an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband right away.

He especially does not want to hear you talk trash about him.

He knows if you are doing that to your ex, he may be the next victim.Another tip is do not talk about the same subject for too long.

Some subjects he may not be that fascinated with and if you spend an hour talking about your cats, that will bore him and make him think there is no room in your life for him.

Of course you may talk about your beloved cats, just keep it short and to the point. If you see him yawning, you are boring him.Guys can tell if you are really not listening to him.

If you constantly just give him a yes or no answer or a nod, he will think you are rude.

If you are interested in him, answer him politely with some details on your thoughts.

There are Asian dating sites, Asian dating services all around the world including Asian dating UK sites.

Find one that fits your style and budget.Remember in person if this date does not work out, you have many other Asian dating men to choose from.

You can easily check online for your next date. This date may be much more successful.

Some people get along great online, but in real life there just is no spark. It happens to everyone.

You have to be patient as he will come along very soon. Online dating services are still much quicker than trying to find Mr. Right on your own.

As long as you are honest on your Asian dating site profile you should find the perfect match just for you.

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