Are you ready to kick things up a notch in your life? To finally live out your dreams and feel inspired? An exciting and passionate life is within your reach but in order to fully grasp it, there are a few things you need to know.

The thoughts you think and the words you use, have a direct impact on the results that you get. Basically what you focus on, you attract. That’s the simple definition of the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately for most people, they live on a default that’s set to negative.

In order to create a life you love, you must become deliberate. While the Law of Attraction matches the energy you send out and gives you more of the same, the Law of Deliberate Creation puts you in the driver’s seat. When you think about what you want with emotion, you attract more quickly.

If you feel anxious every time you pay a bill, only focus on your flaws or have limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you, you’re sending out a negative energy or vibration. You will continue to attract the same negative results. On the flip side, when you feel excited, inspired and grateful for what you already have, you send a positive vibration out to the universe and will experience success. The Law of Deliberate Creation is about consciously and deliberately shifting your vibration to be in sync with what you want to manifest. That means choosing your thoughts, changing your emotions and responding to situations in a way that are in alignment with what you want to experience.

Here are three important questions to ask yourself to help you become a Deliberate Creator.

1) What do I want?

2) Why do I want this?

3) How do I want to feel?

When you have your answers, step into this feeling and really be there. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. The Universe responds to the feelings you feel and the energy you give off. And you have complete control of this. If you want to be more successful, vibrate out what it feels like to be successful. Want to be more confident? Step into the energy of how it would feel to be confident.

Ask and it is given. It’s simply the law.

Action Challenge

Practice being a deliberate creator. Think about an area in your life that has been bringing you down. Sit with this and become aware of your emotions around this. Write down all the negative feelings to get them out of your system and then begin to shift your thoughts to be more positive.

Author's Bio: 

Carly Cooper is a life coach, speaker and author of Balance the Mother Load: R.E.I.N.V.E.N.T. Your Life in Just 8 Weeks! She has been interviewed in various magazine publications, TV and radio shows.

In addition to coaching working moms on how to Balance their Mother Load, she is also a certified Law of Attraction practitioner. Carly has helped hundreds of people shift their negative thoughts into positive results by deliberately attracting a life they love through her workshops, group seminars and 1 on 1 coaching.

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