Don’t you think that home remedies actually work?

This is the best way to change your lifestyle and thinking is to adopt home remedies. The advantages to going for home remedies are that they are low at no cost and they can quickly heal you without going to the doctors or an expensive tour to a pharmacy.

Well, they are more natural than other cures. Some of the remedies have come from Eastern medicine and some are of grandma and grandpa. There is no doubt about it that they are fun and entertaining.

There are several remedies that really sound sense but some are really out of the box and dangerous. Some of the remedies are as follow:

Ginger (Nausea and Sore Throat): You can easily found ginger in vegetable mart or in grocery stores. It’s been used for 1000 years by India and China as a medicine. How ginger helps your sore throat?

Put a crushed ginger in warm water and stir it with a spoon to soothe sore throats. You can also go for pickled, thinly gingers, like you see in Sushi restaurants.
Olives (Nausea): It is actually a fruit. It produces oils which are used in cooking and other application. They are actually fermented before they come edible. To get rid of nausea from morning or motion sickness, what you should do is simply eat few olives.

Peppermint (Digestion): They are actually a natural herb. Its leaves are dried to make to make tea and also to get essential oils from it. Drinking peppermint tea or adding few drops of oil to the water can help you with digestion.

Dandelion tea (Bloating): Don’t think it as weeds. They are actually useful small plants. They are used in salad and as a flavoring in root beer. They are even used to make wine. Dandelion is used for detoxifying and liver enhancing purposes in herbal medicine. The tea can be bit bitter, so just add little sugar to get a good taste.

Baking Soda (Bee stings, poison ivy, teeth whitening, Otis and odors): It is actually a crystallized form of the alkaline chemical element sodium bicarbonate. If you are hit with bee stings or poison, then make a paste of water and baking soda to soothe the burn of the sting. It helps in reducing the redness and itchiness. Well for tooth whitening, try to make a baking soda paste or you can even add to your toothpaste.

Conclusion: Now what are your favorite health and healing home remedies? It’s actually simple and seen fact that every family has its own home remedies for health problems and they really work. But if you get stuck up with any serious issues, then just don’t rely on these remedies. You need to see a professional for this.

Above discussed remedies will really help you with particular health problems. There are several other methods like holistic health care, which can also help you with all these problems and give you better health and lifestyle.

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Lucy Knisley a guest blogger having expertise on various domains and fond of blogging.