Yes, no, maybe so!

People call me psychic. They believe that I can tell the future.

Edgar Cayce, one of America’s greatest, foretold plenty, as did Nostradamus, although his complex prose can be interpreted in many ways for events that have since come to pass – or not.

Sometimes even I am skeptical about psychic gifts. Not all who claim to be psychic are, and even among the gifted, some are better skilled at recognizing, understanding and communicating the energy patterns they see.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I believe that everything, for lack of better words, is energy related. Information is held within the flow of energy and that flow is connected to other flows. Did you know that if you spit in Hong Kong, that spit will vibrate back to you when you salivate in New York? You leave a piece of you, alive and well, wherever you go! Witches know that the strongest spells are DNA related. No surprise when you understand there are no lost connections. Everything we touch is connected.

So how does one know what’s going to happen next?

It’s simple – you follow the flow. When I read tarot cards, it’s the current flow, the energy pattern that I read. When I do readings without tools, it’s the same thing: I follow a flow, the flow of energy that comes to me through the querent, the flow that is associated with the querent’s question, the flow that links elements, objects and people together. It is that flow of information that I read.

A psychic can only read what is being shared. A good psychic knows how to get out of the picture and find abstraction to what he/she is connected to. A good psychic identifies which parts are of the querent and which are external factors, that – often, unbeknownst to him or her – belong to the scope of possibilities within the space of pure potentiality.

Sometimes you come across a person, a querent, who wants the best, but their current pattern or energetic connections aren’t as great as what is potentially out there. If every psychic told querents that anything and everything is possible, and the querents believed and acted on that, they instantly could change their lives in radical ways. Instead, most of us are people of habit. Most thoughts become hard-wired. Most actions become repetitive. “Old habits die hard,” they say, and change is slow. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, we are seemingly locked in grids of alignments. We live in this house, this state, this country. We have this family, these friends, this job. But nothing has to stay that way. Change is the ultimate experience of humanity – and through change, anything new can happen, if we allow it.

Good psychics understand this, and know that there is so much more than our humanity at play in the experience of life. We are surrounded by other beings, other forms of energy that influence us daily. Take electricity for example. It influences the way we think, the way our bodies react. Magnetism in the earth can change the way a tree grows. Prayer can help heal. Opening your mind to new ideas can bring wealth and abundance.

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the incredulity of others, of their vulnerable states, of their hopes and dreams and trust in someone who seems to be capable of knowing better. A true psychic is one who knows that regardless of the gift they have, the free will of the querent primes, and if that person decides otherwise, no matter how good of a reader you are, all you can do is appreciate the power of each individual to define their own future. And isn’t that the best?! Psychics read the flows people connect and align with, but it’s up to you to decide if that’s what you want, and it’s up to you to act on that. You decide what actions to take to shape your experiences.

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As an ordained minister, psychic medium, certified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, Astrid Stromberg is an expert on the human condition. People often ask her for advice on finances, family, work, and health, as well as spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical topics. Astrid is the host of the Brilliant Essence Radio Show and is a contributing author to the book “Living Our Soul Map: Unleashing the Warrior Goddess Within.” Astrid has helped hundreds of people to reflect their own Brilliant Essence by uncovering fundamental truths and spiritual connections in their lives. For more information, visit or listen to the Brilliant Essence radio show on iTunes at