Theoretically, yes.

The problem is that we don’t!

I’m a Reiki Master. One day, my hand was badly burnt. I had guests over and it took all my smiles to try to forget the pain that was rushing through my sore hand whilst continuing to eat! I was furious at not being able to instantly heal. I was doubting my own ability, doubting the “art,” doubting God … the next day, I did a Reiki session on a woman who had such severe arthritis that she couldn’t move her fingers. Forty-five minutes later, the lady was playing piano again for the first time in years.

You see all those fabulous documentaries on holistic and natural healing with no surgery and no pain. A few hand movements, some chanting and herbal concoctions, and poof! Cancer Be Gone! You hear amazing stories of miraculous healing, alongside terrible tragedies of loved ones who’ve suffered and died when others got better and lived on.
What determines our capacity to be well?

Before blaming it on fate, let’s look at the obvious. What do you put in your body on a daily basis? The energy you put in is transformed and fuels what you put out. If you’re a chemical eating, junk food addicted, soda pop guzzling, toxic waste vessel – well it’s obvious you’re going to have problems. Our bodies are organic. They intake, and transform to power up. If what our bodies take in is toxic, how can they work properly?

Another point is this: we feed our bodies to fuel them. If the fuel is not needed, it is stored. We need to exercise to use up excess fuel. There comes a time when the body stores unnecessarily; and food that sits around for too long rots. Think about it: if the food in your pantry is too old, then it rots. The same concept can be applied to our bodies. We are no longer in tune with our bodies. We don’t pay attention when the body says “No!” or “Too much!” We continue to fill it up regardless of the stress we put on it.

Stress is a huge component of sickness and ill-being. Our minds have strong influence as to how our bodies operate and stress creates blocks and strain on the natural ease of our bodily functions. Alleviating stress is a huge part in any healing. Meditate daily and sleep as much as needed to relax your mind and body and allow them to regain their natural flows. Then get up and go for an active walk!

The actual act of healing is personal. Help your doctor by participating in your healing process. Humans have a chemical make-up of energy. But they also are aligned with other forms of energy, such as the energy that flows through our palms and the flows of energy that align the points in our feet to the organs in our bodies. We also have energy flowing through our hearts and minds. Meditation, or intentional mind relaxation, stimulates inner peace, relaxes the nervous system, and can help trigger well-being. Simply focus on a specific part of your body and it will react to your thought. Become conscious of the vessel that holds your spirit. Love it, feed it well and exercise it the way it should be (otherwise, why have it!). And when it does need healing, love it that much more, for the greatest healer of all is Love.

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As an ordained minister, psychic medium, certified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, Astrid Stromberg is an expert on the human condition. People often ask her for advice on finances, family, work, and health, as well as spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical topics. Astrid is the host of the Brilliant Essence Radio Show and is a contributing author to the book “Living Our Soul Map: Unleashing the Warrior Goddess Within.” Astrid has helped hundreds of people to reflect their own Brilliant Essence by uncovering fundamental truths and spiritual connections in their lives. For more information, visit or listen to the Brilliant Essence radio show on iTunes at