I’m not the one earning your salary and I’m not the one spending your money – you are! So start by asking yourself: Do I currently have the income I desire and if not, how can I change that? As you resolve that, pay more attention to what an how you spend and see if you can make a difference there too.

For example: coffee costs $4 or more in town. At home, every cup costs perhaps $1 max, including utilities. And you have no idea how powerful your own cup of coffee can be! Imagine this: Imagine the milk you use, the cow that ate the grass, the hand that pumped the milk … everything is energy, and the minute you intentionally enhance that energy, you benefit from it. Take the time to make your special cup of coffee -- or a snack or lunch for your kids -- and enhance your well being by placing greater vibrational frequencies on them. This will help you to “better be.”

Money is the same -- it holds energy. Too many people have negative attachments to money. Every time they think about it, it brings up stress and worry. Bills come in, stress plays out; the body reacts and gets a little sicker, wants to distance itself more and more from it. Change that immediately! You want to have a good vibrational relationship with any and all transactions. When you pay the bills, thank the company that helps you have hot water in your shower. When you get your pay check, thank the people who work behind the scenes, and if you don’t have a job, appreciate your change. Place it in a special box to accumulate for your desired goal. A friend of mine would put her dollars in different envelopes; one to pay the rent, the other to pay for food and clothes and another for extras. This simple management turned her life around and every time she would put her money in the envelopes, she would be happy to see it grow.

Money changes hands. It flows and transforms, like everything in life. Allow for money to be exchanged and be proud to have participated in the flow. This will help you spend wiser and engage you to make changes in your life that will help you receive/retain more.

In astrology, the 6th house often refers to your work situation. I prefer to call it the “House of Service.” Work engages you to use your gifts and skills for the service of others, which is then recognized by an energetic exchange. In our society, that’s translated by monetary gain. Make sure you are applying your gifts and skills in your service to others. This will make you a happy employee/employer and accomplishments will come easy for you. If all you want is money, then go where the money is. But make sure you go where you can be a player. Don’t go spending your money on the stock market if you don’t like watching it. That’s pointless and potentially dangerous. Stick to what you know -- people, places and businesses you have an affinity with, like your preferred clothing brand. You’re more likely to know what’s happening with their stock because you’re interested in them.

Acknowledge and respect what you have, and align yourself with what you want by being more attuned to the exchanges you give and receive. Remember: abundance comes in many ways and forms.

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As an ordained minister, psychic medium, certified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, Astrid Stromberg is an expert on the human condition. People often ask her for advice on finances, family, work, and health, as well as spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical topics. Astrid is the host of the Brilliant Essence Radio Show and is a contributing author to the book “Living Our Soul Map: Unleashing the Warrior Goddess Within.” Astrid has helped hundreds of people to reflect their own Brilliant Essence by uncovering fundamental truths and spiritual connections in their lives. For more information, visit www.BrilliantEssence.com or listen to the Brilliant Essence radio show on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/brilliant-essence-radio-show/id302021548.