Ask Astrid - How can I shift out of a downward spiral?

Do you pick up a cigarette when you're feeling uncomfortable and needing to "leave". Are you the kind that blows up, or goes running? And when you're spinning down, do you refuse to get out of bed?

To take flight or refuge from going downwards is Natural!
Don't beat yourself up for it. It's your way of saying, "Stop. I need time - to myself."
But do it right. Go and do take time for yourself. Find that safe, healthy, comfortable place where you can recuperate.

FIrst, shift your body's energy. I call this shape-shifting because you are shifting the "shape" of your energetic self in doing so. Shamans and trained ones can shape shift to the point of being in another's form, like that of an eagle, or a panther. True martial arts train you in that. But let's leave that for another day's discussion! lol - we shifted too far!

See how well it works! One minute your talking and thinking and feeling these dark thoughts and the next, you're imagining what animal you could turn into!

That's all it take, guys. I know that when we're down in that dark place, we sometimes just can't let go. We can't turn around and say, "Never Mind".

Yes, it's all in the mind. Perspectives, values emotionally attached, states of mind that we experience in our bodies and that hurt, that pain, and that can kill.

Yes, we become dramatic. We turn into something we truly don't want to be. And we blame it on everything outside of us, including those who aren't even present! Bless their hearts!

That's aspect #2: Being in the moment.
When we shift, the moment changes and from there, perspectives change too.

But there's a reason for all of this. There's a reason for you to be mad when you are, for you to spend all that time on painful thoughts and feelings. When we shift, we change our state of mind and that changes everything.
So how do you shift when you want to shift and what you've tried hasn't worked?

Here's a list for your subconscious mind to check:
- Go for a walk
- Force yourself to listen to a good hearted song with happy vibes
- Put that music to your ears and start stretching - even the slightest muscles like those of your fingers and toes.
- Wash the dishes, clean the floor, do any physical activity that requires effort
(note that often, the notion of effort comes to those that want to push and punish themselves so please congratulate yourselves whilst doing them.)
- Breath consciously deeper breaths for 3 rounds of 3 and imagine the oxygen input clearing and cleansing your mind and body at the same time.
- If you are sitting on your yoga ball at your desk like I am, bounce on it! Shake those energies off.
- Write - here's an example:

I am in the process of getting rid of
. this awful habit I have to be and get mad
. To hurt and pain my children
. to think and feel myself as a bad person doing bad things
. to feel ashamed and worthless
. making myself ill and sick over it

And I now step into:
* being a happy healthy and kind person
* thinking and feeling great about myself
* rightly loving my children, friends and family
* exemplifying the values I stand up to
* and sharing of myself what I have best.

"I ask this in all truth and faith.
So be it."

And you can add "I Am a good person who loves deeply and works hard to better be. I am. I recognize the good in All and All the good in me. I Am that, I Am."

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Astrid Stromberg: Personal and Business Consultant and Advisor, Speaker, Radio & Film Producer & Host, Former President to the United Nations Association for Northern California, International Psychic, Medium, Channeler, Astrologer and Ordained Minister, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Holistic Healer, Artist, Mediator, Mother of two and Owner of Brilliant Essence,