Ask Astrid: How Does Energy Work

Yesterday, I had on Steven D Kelley as a guest to the first of a new season of Guests on the Brilliant Essence radio.
He comes from an engineering background. Like my Dad, in fact!
He gave us the image of a propulsion system, connected it to the DNA helix and explained how energy comes out to be returned with information. It's the principle of radio. But instead of electricity generated energy, we were talking about SCALAR energy. Scalar energy, he explained, is beyond that which we currently know we measure. Unless you belong to a secret agency that explores it, that is!

This energy is that which also is used in telepathy, mind power, psychic, remote viewing, holistic healing, energy therapies like Reiki. This is the one I use constantly.

The principle is simple: when you drive energy outwards, in return you receive connecting energies with their own drive. Both ways information flows. It's how all energy works. It's just a matter of application.

As I write this article, a major energy shift happened to me and I come back to writing with a very different vibe.
This is what is so important to notice with energy for you. For health, for upliftment, for stress-relief, relaxation, self-worth, compassion, love - everything in your life is energy. Absolutely everything vibes, aligns, connects, disassociates through energy.

Honing in on it is the next revolution of our times. We come into a new world where understanding the measurement of energy will ultimately transform the world. Ethereal energy, as I call it, is understanding one step more All that is, all the way to divine consciousness and God.
If you follow energy like me, you'll be stretching your legs out on the yoga ball you're sitting on whilst typing!!! LOL

Healing with energy is something everyone should learn how to do. At these levels of energy, it's important to know how to hone in to them through your body and brain. Neurologists will soon be able to explain that certain muscles vibrate naturally at certain frequencies within your brain, aligning themselves to flows outside of you, driven through for example the hands of a healer, himself or herself having honed into the propulsion system that drives the healing to take place.

I don't think people understand the reciprocal energetic activity going on in their lives right now. We know we live in a cause and effect dimension, and we know we are all energy connecting, connected, sharing, building,… I hope the educational system catches up with the importance of how to become aware of it, use it and distribute it.
Currently, technology is being built to do amazing things such as instant information drive, tele-transportation, even beam ships mechanics. At to the scientists who know about that, this is old news!

I think it's about time we people helped ourselves with it now! I highy encourage you to hone into your energetic systems and use it consciously. The life you really want is around the corner!

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Personal and Business Consultant and Advisor, Speaker, Radio & Film Producer & Host, Former President to the United Nations Association for Northern California, International Psychic, Medium, Channeler, Astrologer and Ordained Minister, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Holistic Healer, Artist, Mediator, Mother of two and Owner of Brilliant Essence.