Ask Astrid: When does Fantasy become reality? Is it truly possible to live in a dream, to imagine all sorts of weird things and believe they are real? Or are we all just going cookoo?!

Fantasy or Reality: let's see which of the following two statements you believe is true:
I ran after a donkey for miles in the desert.
I talked to an ET from the comfort of my bed.

We've been seeing more and more evidence of UFOs and extra-terrestrial beings in the very analytical and critical, "facts only" news. On TV and in print. So perhaps the second statement isn't such a far cry from being true. Unless they are all lying to us!
Well educated and reliable sources tell us of our historic connection to other planetary beings and archeology is proving them right.

As my grandmother used to say, how arrogant of us to think we are the only intelligent species in our multi-verse. And what with the technology we understand is theirs, it wouldn't surprise us to find out today they've been coming in and out of our 3 dimensional lives for ages.
What we have trouble believing is what they look like or their said characteristics. Green, grey or blue, we just cannot fathom meeting one in the streets, just quite yet!

As for running around the desert at age 11, well that's not given to many! Especially a white lass like me! Yet, it's true too.

Our reality is based on our experience of it. The only reality we can relate to has to do with the one we live through our senses. Our senses are like the tentacles of an octopus, reaching out to explore that which is outside of itself.
Whatever our tentacles sense is what we bring back to consider as part of who we are, what we do, where we live and what's around us. Through the exercise of our 5 senses, the energetic drive we emanate through them and the stretch of our mind power, we are able to communicate and heal at a distance, receive forewarning of events to come or knowingness of good news. We acknowledge intelligent presence in the 11+ dimensions quantum mechanics and mathematics reveal to us today and many are those who “make it real”. Science and mind are coming together now opening up fantastic realities that may have been here all along.

We used to think that the fairy tales and their mythical creatures were pure imagination - doubtful existence. Now we're coming back to our senses, so to speak! Time may not have kept the faith in old beliefs, but it certainly kept their testimonies and what used to be fiction, is now very much part of our uneducated reality.

In our society, our main focus is in the immediate reality and its immediate future. With research funds being cut down, the future prospects have had to first take a hard look at what already exists. Re-discovering fantastic knowledge of long gone eras, to find that we may not have to remake the wheel.
What's more fantastic is the fact that everything deemed fantastic may not be all that fantastic after all! It was quite the norm apparently to have flying saucers and visitations from outer space some 10,000 years ago, when what we thought were basically ape men, turned out to be quite the catch for spacemen back then!

Advanced technology seems to have come along with a high level of science applied to and through the mind. Genetic manipulations, creating weird mixes of animals and humanoids comes with beings capable of trans-dimensional travel, like we know today's Sasquatch are capable of and perhaps even our Presidents with tele-transportational free passes!.

Sasquatch is another example of the fantasy world we're reliving the reality of. Many have tried gunning one down, only to find it disappears in clear view. Gone. Vanished into thin air. Those who connect and communicate with the Sasquatch of today tell us that they can skip to at least 2 (including ours), sometimes 3 different worlds, inter-dimensionally connected.
Not knowing how to do this ourseves, (for those that don't learn the teachings of the past), men has caught, and succeeded in creating a cloaking system where it may appear the object has vanished, but it is really behind the holographic screen that is projected to the viewer. Who could have thought cloaking, or hovering motorbikes were possible some 100 years ago?!

Hollywood has had a blast creating fantasy worlds, but you'd be curious to know that the big names have had direct access to confidential information regarding the reality of what they turn into blockbusters. Who knows, can play!

So fantasy-land exists. Our times are witness to that. We just have so much of it to remember and rediscover, it's easy to get lost thinking that some - more and more! - are being completely "enchanted"!

I have a very active left brain (analytical, critical, mathematical), but the right brain has been exercised greatly these past years and the experiences of this fantastic reality have grown tremendously.

I remember as a child always finding myself purposefully saying: Everything and anything is possible. It was my truth, even though sometimes I'd have a hard time understanding how.

In my 20s, I had already asked myself time and time again; who Am I? Who is God? What purpose does my life have. Existential questions that made me feel like I was 60 by the time I turned 30! Whilst at the same time, calling on angels and past loved ones for help, talking to plants and the winds for guidance. Catching orbs on the camera, or being spooked by a talking shadow in the shower.

I remember walking down the icy streets of Aix en Provence one day - and yes, you're right, it was an exception that it snowed! lol - This man was hurrying in the opposite direction and he rudely bumped into me without saying sorry. Angry an dhurt, I felt like cursing him, but controlled myself enough to simply knot my fingers and visualize him tripping. Which he did!

These magic abilities came in handy and the more I exercised them - in a good way (;-), the greater they became.

Now I get my fun from tapping into the minds of those I sit next to. Or visiting someone remotely to check out what they're up to. When I'm away, I am confident my animals hear me when I call on them. I know a simple loving touch helps heal and releases pain when applied. I see faces and beings, scenes and places where there is only air! I have become a channel for higher consciousness and when I speak I channel information I wouldn't have been privy too normally.

The hardest part of living in a fantasy world is when I am in a state of mind that doesn't allow for this reality to be. I still struggle with my own beliefs, even though it would be even crazier to consider all these experiences as false.

That's simply because we grew up to believe what someone else decided for us to believe. Rules of conduct that denied abnormality, let alone fantasy.

The question most people turn to when they allow fantasy into their reality, at least conceptually, is; how does that serve me? What can it do for me, my life, my situation, what I am experiencing?
And the only answer to that is to first recognize up to what point, and how much time do you give yourself to believe and experience Fantasy in your current day to day life.

Miracles start here. A miracle can be instantaneous. You ask, and you receive. Bang!

Miracles happen.

From fairies to angels, to gnomes and ETs, helpers in spirit or in physicality abound. They are only a thought away.

I recommend you start allowing more fantasy in your lives. What you seek, you will find – Aligning yourselves to helpers, loving entities, healing masters, higher consciosunesses with love and light will connect you with those that are of same vibrational frequencies and thoughts. Searching for love, healing and more knowledge about who we are, what we can do and what we may become is all it takes.

Seek and you shall find the pot at the end of the rainbow!

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