I have just been given a new home. I say “given” because I did little to obtain it. And because of that I felt it important to share the story, so that you can understand the power of creation, manifestation, gratitude.

I’ve lived in a pleasant area of Lake County, Ohio for about eleven years, but with an expansion of my business felt the pull to move further south into Summit County. My goal for the last year or so has been to seek out the perfect home for me and my cats. I wanted quiet, privacy, a place to sooth the spirit. I wanted room to have events and healing work and space for friends. I wanted more than anything to be enfolded in nature with room for gardening. With a goal in mind, I offered up the prayer I learned from my friend John Davis, John of Peniel. “Thank you God for the perfect home that I am receiving – amen!” I believed it was there and coming to me. “Thank you” is gratitude. “The perfect home” is the goal, the intent. “I am receiving” is the acceptance, manifestation, creation part. “Amen” means so be it, it is done. I believed that I needed to be diligent in the search and pay attention to signs. That I needed to pursue it with all my intention.

Last summer I busily searched in areas I thought would suit, looking at tiny little houses, condos, garden apartments. Nothing felt right and nothing was affordable. I became disappointed and frustrated but re-energized the intention to have my perfect home. I typed up a “wish list” of my ideal life. “I am living in the home of my dreams, in nature, manageable with lots of green and garden space. With plenty of crash space and parking for friends and room for furbabies.” I no longer felt the need to pursue the dream but knew it was out there in the universal energy.

In the last couple of months, I’d added to my vision a home of light, where rainbows sparkle in the windows from my prisms. A home of trees and green with my bird feeders, to include a heated birdbath and visits from wildlife. I saw a bookcase at a friend’s home and said, “Ooh, I want one of those one day.” I said, “I want a new bed, classy and sexy.” Window shopping at an antique store, I said, “I love those little secretary desks – look at the gorgeous oak!” I said, “I want a new entertainment center and nice electronics to go with it” to replace my old outdated pieces.

One day a new friend contacted me to say she was feeling that I was just the person to help her. She was moving to New England to be with an ailing mother, and needed someone to take care of her house since she wasn’t sure she was ready to sell and let go of it entirely. As she was living in her mother’s home, she had no room to move her things and was eager to have a trustworthy caretaker so she could leave them. We emailed back and forth and seeming roadblocks kept popping up. But she continued to feel guided that I was the person to live in her home, and since I had nothing to lose and was ever aware that Spirit can drop gifts on you, I went to see the home.

The house is in Summit County. It is in the middle of more than an acre of land surrounded by trees. It is full of light from on all sides, including two sets of sliding doors where my crystals now hang. It has 3 bedrooms and several side rooms that could be used by guests. It has a parking lot out front. It attracts deer, bats, foxes, birds. Getting the idea? Within the home are an oak secretary desk, a bookcase like my friend’s, a lovely entertainment unit with great electronics. A beautiful queen brass bed. Enough room to fit four of my current apartment in. The capper? There’s a heated birdbath in the basement that was never set up! Got it now? THE HOME OF MY DREAMS! Actually no, I take that back – I could not have dreamed the perfection of this home for me.

I did not “work” to create this home. I did not “try” or “hope” or worry. I did not run around hunting and stressing over it. It was brought TO me, because I asked and believed. And that is why this story – to help you understand how perfect our creations are when we ask, believe and let go. May you be as blessed in your creations as I am!

Author's Bio: 

Holly Matson is the owner of Lightseeds Office, a freelance office administration company offering a wide range of office services virtually or in person. Her spiritual studies have encouraged her to specialize in supporting mostly motivational/inspirational workers and start-ups, encouraging them to build the lives and careers that give them joy.