Reader Question: I have tried all kinds of affirmations, buying lotto being ripped off with quick fixes etc.. with no luck, No matter what I do, I still get no where and more into debt, I have started my money honey and yet to see results, what else do you suggest Morgana?

My response: I really appreciate and respect the discouragement and panic I’m hearing in your question.

Because we haven’t spoken, and I’m only going by what you wrote in this question… I’m seeing you talk about superficial solutions — affirmations, lotto tickets, “quick fixes” — that don’t grow you.

So I’m wondering… did you go deep enough into my process?

Because if you really did, I’d direct you to ask your Money Honey what’s going on. What does he or she suggest? Or more to the point, how does your money feel about being in this relationship with you?

My suspicion is that a change hasn’t happened. You sound like you’re still in an intimate relationship with your Money Monster. The process doesn’t work if you don’t get rid of your monster, totally, FIRST!

You need to totally separate your Money Monster from your Money Honey. That’s the first half of my process.

When you really, really get rid of your Monster, and really bring in your Money Honey, your “honey” will tell you what to do.

For example, yesterday I saw a comment on my blog from Karen McMullen:

“I was surprised. I asked my Money Honey how much to charge and he suggested that I lower the price for my first event from $995 to $495. The next day I sold %100 of the room my program. He loves me so….and I love him.”

Do you hear how real her “Money Honey” is? He surprised her. And she feels loved. That “loved” feeling is the real magic, the real transformation. Cash is just a really nice side benefit of inner shift.

My suggestion is go deeper. Make the relationship more real.

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Morgana Rae is an internationally acclaimed life coach, author, and professional speaker, and regarded as the world's top relationship with money coach. Morgana guides entrepreneurs to attract more than they chase, market creatively and inexpensively, and RADICALLY change their relationship with Money!

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