After deciding where to move the game does not end here, it just begins after that. Moving to a new place means deciding lot of things from selecting the date to move to choosing the stuff you need to carry along. The to do list keeps growing until you have to mark off every task in it. The major task is hiring the best mover. If the move is local hiring a local mover isn’t such a big deal but when moving interstate one has to choose from the list of best long distance moving companies.

One cannot go and hire any random mover for his/her move as it may result in scams and frauds. With thousands of interstate movers throughout there is no shortage of options to choose from. But before asking for moving quotes and calling them for in-house inspections one needs to ask a few questions to the mover. Asking many questions can help to bring clarity about the whole moving process.

To finalize as the best mover, here are a few questions which should be answered:

License: In order to avoid moving scams make sure to ask the mover whether they are licensed or not. All professional moving companies are issued a license by the United States Department of Transportation (US DoT). Checking the license is even more important when moving far. Every mover boasts about being number one out of the best long distance moving companies but one should check even the basic things first.

Experience: Experience matters! if a mover is licensed but has no experience handling things then you must consider several other factors like their team size, own trucks, and more. Experience is paramount when it comes to hire the best long distance moving company and one should enquire whether the mover has experience with the kind of move you’re going to make. For instance if you’re moving to a big city and a multi floor building you must enquire whether the mover has any sort of experience moving to such places.

Liability Coverage: Before handling the belongings by the movers, it is important to ensure that the stuff is covered in case of any mishap during the move. No matter, the move is local or long distance or international, one should enquire about the multiple liability coverage options the mover has got to offer. The best long distance moving companies offer two types of liability options: Full Value protection and Released Value Protection.

Type of Estimates: Even if you have managed to find the best mover, then you should not ignore the moving budget. Always ask the mover to provide a binding estimate. Mostly movers provide non-binding estimates which are subject to change. It may be good for those who has no moving budget constraint, but if one wants to limit the expenditure on the move one should look for movers to provide binding estimates. To get the best moving quotes online you can search on websites like and relax, very instant moving companies from your local area will get back to you.

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