Most of us think that a job interview is a one-way process and that the employer is the only one asking questions. Yet, there is a downfall for this sort of thinking. Nowadays, most hiring managers believe that a job candidate should ask questions as much as possible because this indicates they are interested in the job. Or else, this applicant is not a good candidate as they did not invest enough thought in the job position and appears afraid to ask questions.

Asking the right questions during a job interview helps you to up a good conversation and may even break the tension within the interview room. Since the beginning and the end of the interview have more impact on your interview as a whole, asking questions to the interviewer will paint you in a positive light if you do it at the end of the interview, making a good last impression. However, oftentimes the interviewer will allow the candidate to choose whether to ask any questions during the interview process or at the end. So if you have any relevant questions you want to ask during the interview, don’t be reluctant to ask.

A good example of interview questions is what is your company’s vision? Though in general you are expected to know a little about the company you are applying for, it can still spark a conversation that may present more of your skills and experience. Furthermore, you can easily highlight some of your skills that are pertinent for the company.

What is your company’s plan ten years from now. This question may trigger some excitement from the hiring manager. Typically, dedicated workers love to discuss their company and especially their goals and objectives. In effect, it will lower tension between you and the employer.

A more straight question is I checked out about your company’s history, and I am really interested to know about how the company keeps the employees motivated. Good questions like these encourage your potential employer to talk. The result is the more the employer talks the lesser the stress and nervousness you will feel.

Apart from asking questions related to the company, you can also ask personal questions such as how long did you work for this company and do you enjoy working here. Though it can a bit awkward to ask the latter question, it will give you some idea if you will enjoy the working environment. Other personal questions are what keeps you in this company and what is the best characteristic of this company. This type of job interview questions reduces the gap between you and the employer.

It is very important to ask questions in a job interview because it will help you increase your understanding about the company and the position available. Examples of these are: will there be any opportunities for learning and development, what are the benefits included, and how will I get a wage hike. Furthermore, it allows you to highlight some abilities that are not covered during the interview. So, if you have a difficulty understanding an interview question, be honest and ask. It will greatly improve your interaction with the employer and will make you appear to be a more interested and efficient applicant.

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