If you have social anxiety issues you know that life can get very tense and stressful sometimes, you might have panic attacks even and just need some way of escaping. If this sounds like you, you should consider ASMR. It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it refers to the sensation which some people feel in response to certain triggers. This sensation not only feels great, but is also intensely calming and relaxing. This means that if you experience anxiety, triggering ASMR can be a good method of calming down and just chilling out.

So how do you go about triggering ASMR? Let me introduce you to the world of online ASMR videos. These are videos which people have created with the specific intent of triggering a head tingling ASMR reaction in viewers. Common triggers which are included are whispering, tapping, facial treatments, haircuts, 3D sound. Overall these videos are generally presented in a very relaxing manner. You can find many ASMR videos easily on YouTube, and there are new ones being added everyday. The easiest way to find your personal triggers is to just start watching ASMR videos and see what works for you.

What if I never experience ASMR? Not a lot of research has been done into ASMR, and as such science doesn't know very much about it, so much so that nobody can even confirm from a scientific perspective that it actually happens. At the moment, from anecdotal evidence, it appears that some people will never experience ASMR. Nobody knows why, or how people are different concerning this. The good news is that even if you don't experience the ASMR tingling many of the videos might still help you relax. When it comes down to it most ASMR videos are really guided meditations. They are calming, and relaxing even if they don't trigger ASMR tingles in you.

You don't necessarily have to watch ASMR videos everyday. The best idea is to probably just start watching them when you are tense or stressed out. If you keep doing this then your anxiety should decrease, or at least be more manageable with this strategy. If you do find your anxiety and stress decreasing over time, or even disappearing entirely, you might like to keep watching a couple of ASMR videos a week, to keep you extra calm.

If this strategy works for you, you might like to look into other guided meditations. There are many websites offering downloads of relaxing meditation audio tracks online, often for free. Meditation is a great scientifically proven way of lowering your stress levels and having a calmer existence.

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Jeff has been experiencing ASMR since he was a child, however it wasn't until recently that he had a name for the effect. He has since begun to use ASMR to deal wit hstress and anxiety. His websiteThe ASMR Lab is on a mission to collect what is known about ASMR in one place, so that this information is easily available to those that are interested in it. We also explore the connections between ASMR and related areas like meditation.