Nature is the one irrefutable aspect of the visual world that makes everything better, in retrospect to nature, graphic design is the art of projecting forth ideas and experiences through visual and textual content. People are always looking in a different direction that they often fail to see what is right before us, and that is the case with graphic design. We often are unappreciative of the everyday things without which the world that you so love would not be the same, behind the every bottle of lotion you apply in the morning to the newspaper you read all has a print of graphic design in it. More so, graphic design as a subject is not only about the visual images and content, it is about the aspect that is involved in making that particular visual you are viewing it. It is the small numerous streams that make up the sea, hence the aspects of graphic design make it a part of the visual world. We will talk of the quotidian activities of the aspect of the graphic designing in a short manner.
Advertising: This foremost aspect of graphic design has been in existence since the great Egyptian times, and after years and years of a more tumultuous type of advertising came the great ‘Industrial Revolution’ bringing along with it advancements with a more advanced form in both audio and visual to which we are privileged to today. Advertisements are everywhere, televisions, radios, websites, and newspapers. All with the primary goal of persuading or conveying a message to the audience
Illustrator: As the name itself suggests, illustrate means to provide, to put forth the ideas and vignettes in a visual form. This is the act of creating a drawing in response to an idea one capitulates. In the earlier times images were used for communication but in today’s world of progress we have Adobe’s Illustrator and photoshop which have become very powerful tools to edit, create, and transform any brand of image.
Logo design: This aspect of graphic design at a glace may just be a portrayal of image with a name composition in the simplest manner but it possesses the biggest of memo. A logo is infact the name and identity of a particular corporation/company through which recognition is reciprocated. No matter which part of the world you are, you can always imagine how a Macdonald looks like because of the logo that has been instilled in our head that immediately corresponds when we think of it.
Typography: The interesting thing about graphic designing being a visual art, is that it is not only determined to images. Typography is a picture made of words, it is the art and technique of ‘arranging type’ created in texts to provide a logical and satisfying visual.
Packaging: Packaging is the package of the combination of illustration, advertising and typo to have a product. This here is the outcome of the manifestation of the aforementioned graphic aspects.
Books and magazine design: A description of a particular scenario becomes even more interesting when it is augmented by the addition of images. And this aspect of graphic design arranges and styles words and images on a printed page by using a system of rows and customs that provides structure and order to have the sight we view.
The aforementioned are the few aspects of graphic design in a short manner .Graphic design is more than just creating logos for business and making things attractive, it is the representation of your mind before the world which is why graphic has mostly been associated as a ‘communicative design’.

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