I am directing you to a podcast I made with Counsellor Annie Bennett. She had been working in the field of psychotherapy and counselling since 1994, when she trained and worked for Cruse Bereavement Care in North Surrey, England. She later trained for Surrey Alcohol and Drug Misuse and continued to work with them until spending time as a visiting therapist in the United States at The Meadows treatment centre for trauma and addiction. She was currently in private practice at Harley Street and I am running regular gender-specific love addiction workshops from January 2008. We spoke about issues of depression and anxiety and here we are in 2011 when Britain is running an advertising campaign showing the difficulties of returning to work when you have had treatment for depression. I was able to add in my own experiences with hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Therapy and Annie was prepared to chat about her own journey that had involved both personal and professional traumas. Annie also told me about the difficulties experienced here in another country as she tried to develop her practice. The podcast has a lot of in-depth and insightful experiences as Annie was trying to devlop her career. Annie also chatted about her book which addresses issues of Love Addiction. The purpose of Annie's book is to look at relationships that are either not working or are unsatisfactory and there are links to follow if you wish to develop the theme. Annie speaks from her own experience of love addiction and the influence of generational patterns.


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Vince is a qualified teacher and lecturer with degrees in Community Studies BA and Philosophy in Education. He also has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and has broadcast with the BBC in Britain and Onda Cero in Spain. Vince also has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy