You might have a great website that has flashy design you are proud of, but if the SEO is poorly done you are still not going to get the traffic coming to the site that you are expecting. Without that traffic, you have less chance of converting visitors into customers. This means sales are not where they could be. Thankfully you can hire an SEO Brick expert to help. This might be a consulting firm, an individual or even an existing employee, though with the latter, make sure they truly are an SEO professional not just someone who understands the principle. They will be able to review your site, ask about your goals and your targeted audience and develop strategies that suit those things and the industry you are in. This will lead to better search engine rankings and more visitors. Things you want to see in this SEO expert are as follows.

Being curious

Obviously, you want them to have plenty of knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and what different search engines want, but having someone who is naturally curious is a benefit too. It means when you hire them to handle your SEO Wall needs they are more likely to investigate things and stay on top of things as they change and evolve, which is what happens in this field. SEO is not the same now as it was back in 2013. A professional needs to stay up-to-date and stay curious.

Understanding your organization’s culture

A good SEO professional does not stand apart from your business or organization. They need to interact with its different areas including sales, customer service, IT, and marketing, so that they can work well with them all, and understand the goals each has. The better their communication style matches with your business, the better their progress will be.

Understanding marketing

Apart from the more technical aspects of SEO there is also part of it that is similar to marketing and it helps if your SEO Brick expert gets that. The content needs to benefit the audience and be relevant and high quality. It needs to appeal to people who are doing the searches so that they want to see what you have to offer them.

Having plenty of experience

There are a lot of self-proclaimed SEO people who are not necessarily that at all. Having a bit of knowledge and ability is not the same as being an expert someone can turn to for their business. There is a lot to handling SEO Wall properly so that everything is covered and it takes a lot of knowledge and years of experience to build it up. Make sure anyone you consider has that kind of experience and can change their approach for each client because different websites have different needs.

Have a clear understanding of what the big picture is

They should have gotten a clear picture of your overall goals and be working towards those, not completely focussed just on moving your rankings up to a certain number. The work they do should be about conversions and one of the consequences of that work is an improvement in rankings.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.