Web application development is quite a rage all over the world right now, that much has been for everyone to see. It has, in turn, put the spotlight on the tools we use to develop these oh-so-important web apps and rightly so. After all, it is the foundation upon which one builds these offerings that are intended to help the company serve a variety of goals. And sure enough, there are plenty of options to choose from as well, thanks to all that demand. Nevertheless, amid this sea of opportunities for platforms, ASP.NET Core has emerged as one of the leading names. Suffice it to say that the acclaim is not without reason.

The feature-rich framework has gained popularity for a variety of reasons; for starters, it is developed and backed by Microsoft. When you have a name as big as that backing something, there’s an inherent trust in its abilities. Then there are also its avant-garde features and a world of functionalities that help programmers put together reliable applications integrated with the latest technologies in the market. But if you are still on the fence about it, here are some other key benefits of using ASP.NET Core framework for developing enterprise web apps.

  1. Open-source framework: One of the most significant advantages of this framework is the fact that it is open source. Available on GitHub, developers can edit the code and adapt it following their own needs and preferences. And to round this off, you also gain access to a vast community of .NET developers. It means you have access to reliable support at any time should you feel the need for it during the development of your project.
  2. Top-notch features: ASP.NET has always been quite a decently equipped framework. And over the years, Microsoft has worked hard on empowering it with cutting-edge features and functionalities. Some of the features include automated memory management, package management, asynchronous programming, cross-platform architecture, and more. Oh wait, we are not done yet — this open-source framework for developing web apps. Further, it is also language-independent and makes it quite simple to customize large scale, enterprise web apps.
  3. Razor pages: A relatively recent addition to ASP.NET Core’s arsenal, razor pages seeks to help developers attain substantially better efficiency while coding. It brings a page-focused programming architecture to the table that empowers developers to put together first-rate user interfaces without affecting the app’s productivity levels. Razor pages also help ease the complexity levels associated with app development since it allows every page can be self-contained and assigned its individual view.

This framework is the harbinger of a new era in enterprise web app development, that much is for sure. Please take a look at all its many benefits and how seamlessly it enables the development of top-grade enterprise web apps. So, if you also want some of that modern ASP magic for your app, get in touch with a trusted ASP.NET development company right away!

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Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software.