Assisted living communities combine affordable housing options with personal care and other services (meals, housekeeping, etc). They help bridge the gap between independently living in the community and complex residential care (skilled nursing facilities).

They are designed to emphasize choices and continued responsibility, encourage personal decision making, support independence and privacy and support families.

Although assisted living communities differ between states and provinces, most follow the same basic guidelines as described below. Contact local communities to learn about specific resources in your area.

Who is Eligible?

- individuals wishing to live as independently as possible in a housing environment
- individuals that can direct their own care
- individuals that require personal and support care
- most residents are seniors but there may also be residents who need additional support services due to injury or disability

What Support Services are Available?

- meals (typically 2 meals - lunch and dinner, with the option of adding breakfast but many residents have breakfast in their apartments as they have a kitchenette)
- housekeeping
- laundry (some communities only include linen service and personal laundry is an additional charge). Some communities have laundry facilities that residents can use.
- social and recreational activities (each community is different but most offer activities on site as well as outings to shopping, local recreational and seasonal activities, etc).

What Personal Care is Available?

- medication reminders
- 24 hour response system (call alert system - typically a pendent or bracelet call button worn at all times)
- scheduled personal care (grooming, bathing, dressing)
- unscheduled care (toileting, etc)

Can Residents Bring Their Own Furniture and Host Overnight Guests?

- Yes. They function much like rental apartments.

What does a Typical Assisted Living Unit Feature?

- apartment size of about 500 square feet
- includes kitchenette, living room, bathroom and bedroom
- is designed to maximize the residents independence to accommodate their changing needs
- most apartments have bathroom safety features such as grab bars and walk in showers
- some communities have jacuzzi tub baths that residents who need personal assistance with bathing can access. These tubs have lift systems to help them into tub

How Much Does It Cost?

- varies depending on location and government funding
- some state/provinces partially fund assisted living facilities

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