The open source solutions have always been on the top and there are many companies that have been benefited with the open source solutions. ASTPP stands for A Smart TelePhony Platform. It is also an open source solution. It is an open source solution for the VoIP industries. As per the statistics shared by the community itself, this open source telephony solution is in use by more than 10,000 businesses all across the world; to be specific in more than 90 countries, the businesses use ASTPP.

ASTPP was an open source VoIP billing software, but in the recent past, the community of this open source solution has made an announcement that this is now a smart platform and it offers all telephony features. Of course, it is still an open source solution.

What makes ASTPP so popular? What are the key components of the ASTPP 4.0?

If these two or similar questions are on your mind, keep reading ahead and at end of the article, you will get answers of all your questions.


The ASTPP 4.0 has features of class 4 softswitch. You get all important call routing rules as well as additional features one can get in a comprehensive softswitch solution.

Automated Billing

The fundamental feature of ASTPP was automated invoicing and billing and even in the latest version of ASTP, which is ASTPP 4.0, this features is not removed. The current version of ASTPP supports all invoicing and billing features one used to get in its earlier versions. Moreover, the community has added even more features to make whole billing part sleek and easy to use. You can take care of both, postpaid and prepaid billing with addition of all taxation, fees and applying different discounts as well.

Reseller support

In any industry, reseller provides a really important channel of business and ASTPP understands this. That’s why it provides a completely independent module of resellers. The main admin of ASTPP can create unlimited resellers and can provide them benefits of all different types of features they want to. The resellers can run their own business by passing the predefined commission and fees to the main admin. This creates win-win situation for both, reseller and main business owner.

Roles and permissions

The ASTPP has an amazing component of roles and permissions. The main admin can create multiple users and each user can have different or similar roles. Moreover, the permissions aka access to features of ASTPP to each user can be different. The main admin can assign and revoke permissions, as and when needed.


The latest version of ASTPP has introduced add-on concept. This concept majorly contributes in making it a truly smart telephony solution. The ASTPP, itself, offers some add-ons and the ASTPP users can also develop and use the add-ons. An add-on can be a small functionality or a complete solution. For example, it can be a Caller ID or it can be a multi tenant IP PBX system.

The ASTPP also supports multiple languages. All these components represent this open source solution as one of the most powerful VoIP solution and a smart telephony solution which is available for free.

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Samir works in a company that offers a smart telephony platform, PC dialer, mobile SIP dialer and similar services.