Have you ever had a dream where you were able to fly? Wasn't that an incredible experience? As it happens, astral travel is very similar to this. Astral travel refers to the way that your astral body traverses the astral plane -by flying. All you need to do when you are astral traveling is to think of where you'd like to go and what you want to do; your astral body will take care of the rest, flying to your destination.

Astral travel and dreaming may get confusing for some individuals they are not the same. This of course, does not mean that every dream is an astral travel experience. Just after you fall asleep and you start to dream, this is when your mind begins sifting through those issues that are not resolved while you are awake. This nightly process of dreaming saves your sanity. Most often, many of these dreams go unremembered; unless you remember small fragments or pieces of your dreams once, you are awake.

Whenever you can vividly remember a dream, rest assured you were likely experiencing some form of astral projection. No matter what you intend to do with the information, it is a good idea to recall these dreams as best you can and put them down on paper in a journal. While one or two of these dreams will not make sense to you, there will be time when you can go through several of your recalled dreams and they will make complete sense.

Similar to the dreams that allow you to work out the problems and frustrations of the day, so astral travel has some benefits as well. The benefits will be unique to you, as they are to each person who experiences astral projection, and that is why it is so important that you write them down.

The primary benefits of writing down your astral projection experiences stem from an expansion of your spirituality and psychic abilities. Through astral projection, you will become more aware of your surroundings and the inner workings of your soul. Once you truly know yourself, you will have an overall sense of well-being and peace. And because astral projection causes us to use parts of our brains that are seldom used, it will make you a sharper person enhancing memory and mental awareness.

An added benefit to astral projection is a boost in your psychic abilities. Those who practice astral projection claim an enhancement in their telepathic and precognitive skills, and also enhance their ability to sense spirits. This is why when you are astral projecting and astral traveling you can tap into the higher energies of your spiritual self and the universe, for many individuals these gifts have been forgotten by the way side as they mature into adults.Even die-hard skeptics who didn't have any belief in astral travel or psychic abilities have reported being able to read auras after having some experience with astral travel.

Aside from those benefits, one has to admit that it is fun to travel outside your body, to visit places you haven't been before and to find that inner peace everyone craves.

With the variety of benefits to be gained by practicing astral travel, it's surprising that everyone doesn't take advantage of this ability. The problem is that a lot of people assume that only a few special people have this ability they're wrong. Every one of us has the ability to astral project; it's only a matter of practice.

It is likely that you've experienced some astral travel in your lifetime, as stated above, either through your remembered dreams or daydreams. You have flown out of your body before, whether you like it or not. The way to gain all of the benefits of astral travel is to do it consciously; you have to know that you are astral traveling, since this will grant you full control of the experience.

Don't be afraid to give astral travel a try. Don't deny yourself the pleasures of something you were born with but only have forgotten to use. Anyone can do it. You only need to browse the many ebooks and other information you can find online that teach techniques of astral travel. Learn to unlock the secrets of your inner self through astral travel!

There are many people who astral project without being aware that they doing so and this is because astral projection is a natural ability which all people have. What we need to learn is how to do it while we’re conscious so that we have control over it.

While it is the aim of this article to put forth different methods and techniques for those wanting to learn astral projection, it has been assumed that you are already familiar with what astral projection is. Furthermore, because each person differs from the next and astral projection is a personal experience, you may need to experiment with different techniques in order to determine which one works best for you.

First we'll look at a simple five step process which is a simple technique people can use when they go to bed.

*Starting down at your toes, tense each muscle and then relax it again. Once you repeated this with all your toes, repeat the same exercise with your feet by first tensing them and then relaxing them. You need to continue doing as you continue working your way up your body until you finally finish with your facial muscles. Obviously, this is best done while laying down on your bed and the purpose of doing it is to induce a deep state of relaxation.

*Perhaps the most difficult part of step two is actually not falling asleep as you becomes more and more relaxed. In order to deepen and slow down your breathing, we follow a technique which is also used for meditation. This involves taking a slow deep breath and at the same time, feeling the air actually move its way down into your lungs. As you then exhale, you once again pay attention to the feeling of moving air leaving your body, ensuring also that you exhale all the air you have. To avoid falling asleep, try focusing mentally on an imaginary dot on the centre of your forehead.

*This third step focuses on the weightlessness of one's astral body together with the weight of the physical body. Now that your physical body feels heavy, try to imagine it as being a large piece of lead, heavy and difficult to move in any way. Likewise, focus on just how light your astral body feels, comparable to a large bubble which wants to float away one the slightest hint of a breeze, or some feathers blowing away in the wind. With eyes closed, see your astral self starting to drift away, feeling the complete weightlessness of space. Yes, while your physical body may be heavy and difficult to move, your astral body has no weight at all, free to drift on the wind.

*For many this is the exciting stage as they claim to see the entire room they're in from a different perspective in spite of the fact that their eyes are shut. In most cases, there tends to be a form of purple light filling the room and it's at this point that you should focus on the light in the centre of the ceiling.

*Concentrating on the ceiling light you should mentally start trying to pull it towards you and before long, in all likelihood, you'll more than likely start feeling as if you're floating. Whatever you do, do not allow yourself to fall asleep at this point because by now you should be fully aware that you're floating and in many cases, you may also be able to see your physical body lying on the bed below.

If this first technique has not worked for you then don't give up but instead, simply try the next technique discussed below. On the other hand, if this one has worked then congratulations, you've achieved a state of astral projection and are free to start astral travelling.

This is a simple, intense technique called the Gazing Method. All you'll need is an object of your choice to focus on. It must be a physical object that you can look at with your eyes, but otherwise it can be just about anything you choose. A favorite picture, a crystal or gemstone, a scented oil burner just something of interest to you.

Simply begin focusing all your attention on the object you've chosen for the occasion while you are lying down on your bed. Inevitably your eyes will soon start to feel increasingly heavy and irrespective of how hard you try, your eyes will eventually close. This is a perfectly normal part of the process so don't feel disheartened but instead, you must make sure that you continue staring at the object through your closed eyes. Providing you do this, you will soon start to sense an irresistible urge to sit up or to stand up. Don't fight this urge as the feeling is coming from your astral body rather than your physical body. You'll soon realize this though as because when you turn around, you'll be able to see your physical body lying on the bed.

If neither of these two methods work the first time you try then try again a second time and even a third time. If you still fail to astral project, you need to try one of the other techniques. You can do it so whatever you do, don't give up. Repeatedly telling yourself that you’re failing will result in anxiety which will only hinders your efforts.

The truth is that your biggest obstacle to success with astral projection is your very own subconscious, which at first will likely try to guard you against the 'danger ' of your astral body splitting off from your physical body. You can overcome this block with daily affirmations. Just keep them positive and present tense, and acknowledge that you possess the natural ability of astral projection.

Astral project is certainly not difficult, at least not as difficult as many would like you to believe. Don't forget, its natural ability and something with which we're all gifted. The methods which have been mentioned in this article are only guides as are any other methods you may come across. Their sole purpose is merely to offer beginners some assistance.

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