Begin each morning by taking a deep breath into the lungs. Hold it, and count to twelve slowly in your mind. As you do this, feel the lungs as they start to pulse. You will begin to feel pressure in the chest. Avoid the urge to push it out. Exhale all of your air slowly. Then repeat the exercise in the same manner. Do the same deep breathing a third and final time that morning. Return to normal breathing and return to your everyday activities. In the evening, do the deep breathing exercise three times in the exact same way that you did in the morning. Follow the same deep breathing regimen for six more days.

As the week progresses, you may start to notice that your body feels as if it is vibrating. This is a normal occurrence. Your body is becoming more positive, and allowing your soul to begin slipping out. Actually, your soul is moving slightly out of the physical body – into the aura and back again. Your body is now vibrating at a higher frequency from allowing the Chi to circulate throughout your body.

The breath of life is important for astral travel training. When you draw in breath, you bring Chi, or the universal energy into your lungs. This energy has an extremely high vibratory rate and can be found in the air we breathe and the water we drink. It originates from the Heavens above. If you hold this breath in your lungs for a few seconds, this energy will flow via the circulatory system to the entire body charging all the organs with this powerful Chi. This raises your vibrations and allows the body to become lighter, and to carry a more positive essence.

Deep breathing exercises can be taken one step further when attempting astral projecting travel. Try taking in deep breaths and holding the air in your lungs for a period longer than five seconds. The longer the breath is held, the more positively charged the body becomes. Also, the vibrations of the body become much higher. Be careful and reasonable, though, and don’t hold your breath for longer than is comfortable.

Yoga, mantra, and breathing exercises similarly aim at physical relaxation. The practice of kundalini yoga is particularly relevant, since it is concerned with altered consciousness. In fact the awakening of kundalini requires a similar state of consciousness to astral projectingtravel. Deep, relaxed breathing promotes calmness and helps to induce a trance state. When breathing in, breathe deeply into your stomach, hold the breath for a few moments, and exhale very slowly. Repeat the process several times. You will notice an instant sense of increased calmness. This kind of breathing also helps when you find yourself emotionally overwhelmed. Deep breathing will help you to let go of stress and restore mental and emotional equilibrium, enabling you to handle the situation more effectively.

One breathing technique that promotes overall relaxation is by focusing on different parts of your body and breathing through that part of the body until it feels totally loose and relaxed, beginning with your feet, and continuing with your calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, back, chest (breast), arms, shoulders, neck and completing the process with your head. Maintaining your awareness on breathing, simply watching it without consciously attempting to change it (it will change of its own accord) promotes an awareness of the present moment.

Kundalini breathing is the yogic process of consciously creating and sustaining a definite ascending and descending flow of cosmic energy through the cerebra-spinal channel. While you are breathing in, imagine that together with your breath, you are breathing in the energy (life-force, ki. chi, prana) and imagine that this energy (you can imagine it as a ball of energy) is flowing down your spine through your central column where the chakra energy centers are located. When it gets to the bottom of your spine, to the sacral energy center (chakra), imagine it striking the nerve center and awakening Kundalini. While you are breathing out imagine the energy and awakening Kundalini, rising up all the way from your sacral chakra to the top of your head. After a while you may notice a sensation of heat rising up from the bottom of your spine. You may also become aware of increased energy manifesting as a tingling sensation, as if an electric current was running through your body.

Here’s another breathing technique for astral projection:

•Sit up straight. Close the right nostril with the right thumb. Draw in the air very, very slowly through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril also with little and ring fingers of the right hand. Retain the air as long as you can comfortably do. Then exhale very, very slowly through the nostril after removing the thumb.

•Then draw air through the right nostril. Retain the air as before and exhale it very, very slowly through the left nostril.

Repeat the above process 20 times in the morning and 20 times in the evening. Gradually increase the number. While breathing the above manner, imagine that with every exhalation, all tensions and negative attitudes (emotions) are leaving you and with every exhalation imagine that love, joy and peace are entering into being together with the air you are inhaling. There are many kind of breathing techniques that are considered proper for astral projection.

By, Staci L. Kehl

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