This is one of the more mysterious parts to psychic development, a fascinating experience of which we are all capable.

I can remember two distinct astral travel experiences during the early part of my psychic development. One involved visiting the site of a building I later found to be the destination of a job interview; the other I can recall as though it was yesterday.

Not being a caffeine or avid alcohol drinker, one evening away skiing I was given a coffee liqueur after dinner. My body, exhausted from skiing, fell into a deep sleep that night. My mind, stimulated by the caffeine, remained very alert. I remember travelling at high speed, flying close to the pavement all around the ton I used to live in. I visited many different friends and can to this day recall conversations I had with them whilst in my astral body, talking about subject that I found to be true or that came true.

Every night we all do a bit of astral travelling. As we drop off to sleep, the astral body begins to separate from the physical body. Sometimes you might be aware of this happening. The body relaxes, the mind is still alert, you can’t move your arms or legs as the physiological response of sleep paralysis kicks in! The brain deactivates the mechanism that moves your limbs, you find yourself panicking because nothing moves - the perfect conditions for astral travel!

Stage 1 astral travel involves what is known as the astral body moving slightly away from the physical body in order for the physical body to rest properly. The times you might notice this is when your physical body is more tired than your brain. You can feel it happening as the mind is still conscious and has let go of the body. This is the heavy feeling described above.

Stage 2 can feel like your eyes are open when you know they are not; you may be able to see around the room. This is the stage at which the astral body is getting ready to go a bit further.

Stage 3 involves very vivid dreams. For some the dreams are full blown ‘flying dreams’, for others the dreams are simply vivid. Stage 3 astral projection often happens spontaneously to those developing their psychic skills. This is because the astral body becomes more confident. As it gets used to travelling further, you can sometimes land with a ‘bump’ – that startled feeling as your heart skips a beat and you awake suddenly. This is often considered to be the astral body making a bumpy landing on its return from travelling afar.

So, what is the astral body? It is an ‘energy body’ made up of the vibrations of the physical body, a duplicate, less dense than the physical. Driven by emotions and desires, the astral body is referred to as a bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds of our consciousness. Astral travel is the process of leaving the body and travelling free of the constraints of the physical body.

Astral travel is how dreams can resolve discussions or even ‘know’ about an event about which the conscious mind hasn’t yet to become aware.

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