Every night in deep sleep all of our energy, astral and spiritual bodies automatically leave our physical bodies and go deep within to the one unity point of consciousness. We are all one in truth and return to this oneness every night. This is who and what we really are and cannot be anything else. We can think and believe we are separate physical material beings and live in a world of duality that seems to support this total illusion, but it is nothing but total illusion.

During our lives we can voluntarily create out of body experiences with our energy body and even go within to the mid level astral plane where we go upon passing from this material world of illusion. When we close our eyes and go deep into a state of voluntary relaxation our brain waves begin to become lower and lower. We go from our awakened beta state of illusion to our inner alpha, theta and finally delta state of relaxation with it slow brain wave. It is these latter three states that allow our mind to stop focusing on the illusions of this world and to start increasing our consciousness on the deeper realities of our inner mind. We can then voluntarily project our energy body,etc out of our physical body and go into the deeper world of astral projection. This deeper inner world is normal and natural and all of us used to experience this travel eons ago but have become so involved in our current material world that we have forgotten our true identity.

This astral plane is almost a carbon copy of this world. It feels and looks as solid as this illusion but it is much more vibrant and colorful. The material world is almost a washed out pastel world compared to this wonderful astral plane. The main difference between these two worlds is that in the astral world we have instant thought manifestations-positive-neutral & negative thought. What we want and desire we get instantly; a new house , boat, plane, beach house or vacation. If we want to see a deceased relative, he/she is in front of us instantly(as long as they are on this same plane of awareness). Therefore there are no jobs, factories, money, bosses or leaders.We can travel anywhere at the speed of thought (Einstein was wrong, there is something faster than the speed of light). We have everything we want and desire instantly. The joy and being on this plane is wonderful and a great place for all of our deceased relatives to be. There is pure health if we want pure health and pure joy and peace if we want that also. There is no longer a fear of loosing a job or becoming ill. What we want we have. However it is this remaining want and desire of material things that holds us to this mid astral plane rather than going to the pinnacle of pure bliss that is in the deeper inner astral plane. It is only when we finally become saturated with wants and desires that our vibrations become high enough to project our consciousness into the final inner planes where pure bliss and constantly positivism exists forever. We will all get there sooner or later for this is mankind's destiny.

This is the wonderful adventure awaiting all of us when we leave this world and to a few of us focused enough to practice the art of astral projection while still within this world. Either way, the truth of who and what we really are is waiting for our mind to open to the truth. Be sad if someone you love leaves this world but we very glad and happy for the new trip that they are on. The light of themselves will combine with the light of the astral plane and happiness, joy, security, health and unconditional love await them in an instant.

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