There are moments when we find ourselves in the conundrum of having too much on our plates and having very little time for it, resulting in rising tension. Moreover, life is not always a smooth ride. There are times, which bring a multitude of problems, all causing stress, pressure, and unrest. This building up of stress and tension are the major causes behind the loss of peace of mind. This, in turn, can adversely affect your health and well being.

To lead a balanced life, it becomes imperative to break away from such a vicious cycle. All of us have to go through moments from time to time in our hectic lives where we are burdened with stress and anxiety. In such moments, it becomes essential to understand stress and tension properly so that you can deal with them in a better way. Luckily, certain medical and non-medical things can help you attain peace of mind, and astrology is one of them.

How Can Astrology Help?

Since ancient times, astrology has been in practice. As per astrology, every aspect of our lives is governed by celestial bodies. Amongst them, the Moon, Sun, and Mercury play a crucial role in our lives. This is because these planets rule our mind, wisdom, and soul. Moon, especially, is a planet that governs our emotions, and when it is not placed right, it can cause ups and downs to our emotions and moods. When these planets are positioned in bad houses like 6th, 8th, or 12th, it can adversely affect you. Moreover, the 1st house in the horoscope, also known as Ascendant, is crucial as it signifies the brain and its working in different situations. The 4th house in our birth chart represents mental health and mental peace. If you want to know more about what astrological elements are behind the endless stress or continuous troubles in your life, reputable online astrology platforms like Astroyogi can help you connect with the best astrologers.

The beneficial thing about astrology is that it not only highlights the reasons that are causing you troubles but also offers remedies to alleviate problems in your life. This is why if you are hoping to achieve inner peace and a calm mind, then astrological remedies can help.

Astrological Remedies

Wearing Gemstone

Wearing a gemstone such as a Pearl or Moonstone can help you keep your mind calm and keep stress at bay. Wearing these gemstones can work in favour of your Moon and make the Moon stronger. As mentioned earlier, the Moon rules your emotions, and thus, it should be placed in such a way in your horoscope that it positively influences your life. Moon is also the symbol of calm and peace, and hence, it plays a crucial role in offering mental peace. Making your mind calm, awakens confidence and inner-strength and prevents anxieties, stress, and fears. If your Moon is poorly placed in your horoscope chart, the Pearl or Moonstone can help you get over it and make your Moon stronger. But, before wearing a gemstone, you should always consult an experienced astrologer.

Using a Silver Glass to Drink Water

As per Vedic astrology, drinking water in a silver glass can make a person calm. This remedy can make your Moon strong. Silver resembles the Moon's colour and can prove to be very helpful to counter any sort of mental pressure. Moreover, silver is also considered good for maintaining peace in life, which is why many people opt to wear silver. Hence, you should start drinking water every day in a silver glass.

Chanting Mantras

One of the most effective remedies that can relieve your stress and offer you mental peace is chanting mantras. Chanting the Shiva Mantra- "Om Namah Shivaya" 108 times a day will help you attain peace of mind and focus on your targets better. The divine Lord Shiva is associated with the planet Moon and hence can make your Moon strong. Reciting this mantra will make you see a change within yourself soon. You can also chant the mantra- "Sri Ganeshaya Namah". This mantra will help you relieve mental stress and can offer peace of mind.

Chanting “Om”

Doing a focused chanting of "Om" will help in calming your nerves and relieving mental stress. This can help in attaining a calm mind. Moreover, chanting and meditating can help you focus on the inner you.

Worshipping Lord Shiva

As mentioned earlier, Moon is associated with Lord Shiva, so worshipping Lord Shiva can be quite effective. You should worship Lord Shiva and offer water to the Shiva Linga every day. This will bring you composure and stability as well as many other fruitful results. This will also prove to be a good remedy if stress and tension are bothering you.

These are some astrological remedies you can incorporate into your life to bring you peace and calm your mind. If you want to know more remedies or have any other concerns, consult an astrologer on an online astrology platform like Astroyogi. Every individual has their own set of problems; hence it is best to consult an astrologer who can check your horoscope chart and suggest remedies according to that.

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Reena Chabbra is a astrology blogger who shares her knowledge about astrology and related fields.