Astrological Happenings, Monthly Astrology Horoscope - The winds blow a change of direction in September 2009, and we start with powerful waves washing upon the shore with a Full Moon in starry-eyed Pisces on September 4. Pisces is gentle, sensitive, and romantic, and our emotional approach to the day is also soft, kind, and reflective. It's a lovely day to spend time with ourselves, touching upon that 'dreamy' Pisces vibration to do psychic energy work, creative visualization, and dive into healing affirmations through meditation. When involved with romantic interests or professional co-workers, the day can make us feel as if all is well, that it is safe to let our guard down, and give our trust completely. While Pisces is idealistic, this Full Moon can excite our souls when we're searching for love, and in business when we are relying on our imagination to spark terrific ideas. If you're looking for a romantic commitment or verbal agreement in business, because it all feels right - be aware that Pisces is also the big dreamer, and can promise each of us the moon. The mood may feel right while the air is misty, filled with kind words, but once the dream-effect and sky clears - you can end up empty-handed with empty promises. It's a fun day to sketch, to put our emotions into words, to get in touch with our inner child and play with our kids, while blowing pretty bubbles up to the sky!

On September 7, Labor Day, Mercury stations and pauses, before he enters on his three week retrograde journey. Mercury rules communication and trips, so during this time, one can expect that forms of travel and contact with others will be a bit hay-wired and discombobulated. Some of us are lucky enough to see the retrograde at its best - as computers and tech-gadgets, to fax machines, wash machines, and other machinery - run through the backward cycle that the retrograde puts us at - with technical difficulties and crashes, vehicle failures, appliance breakdowns, and missing emails and/or voicemail's. Our thinking process and verbal skills also experience this sort of breakdown, creating miscommunications. We should be 'thankful' to go under this 'Mercurial spell' as we get to see first hand, where our communication areas are broken - causing us grief or misunderstandings. With Mercury traveling 'reverse' in Libra, we can expect misinterpretations in our professional partnerships and romantic relationships. Pay closer attention what is being said now, and you may catch a glimpse at where problems have already existed, but were ignored or overlooked. It's a good time to re-pair, re-build, and re-connect during the re-trograde. You can also prepare yourself to bump into individuals from your past as the 'backward journey' takes us back to our past to make amends, or find closure. During this time - it is suggested that you do not to purchase new appliances, start business, or sign contacts now. Hold off and go over ALL details first.

A new era is upon us now as Pluto stations, and prepares to turn direct on September 10. Pluto is the transformer, and removes 'the unnecessary' and 'the toxic' from our lives, to help us to grow and become the person we need to be, and so we can be our best. It is ruthless, life-changing, spiritually-awakening, intense, and powerful. As Pluto transits through Capricorn, He visits banks, institutions, professional businesses, and government offices to help 'right' what was wrong. Although we're coming out of a retrograde now, he made a re-turn to certain areas that we have all watched in the media, to re-lease and re-build what had become tainted, and we all got to see fine examples of what this tiny planet Pluto is made of. (Oh that's right, he isn't a planet, but I'm not going to be the one who tells him LOL!)

What I personally am looking for during this new age of Pluto in Capricorn, is getting rid of the EXCESS that was brought on when he entered BIG and abundant Sagittarius in 1995. During the past decade, we have seen a rise in plastic surgeries, over-sized plastic breasts, bigger booties, injected big lips, an expansion of technical toys and new gadgets, a huge growth in traveling (Sagittarius) communications from portable phones to laptops, to blackberries, cellphones, etc! We have busier schedules, more over-time, with no time for family. The rise in cost of living, where owning a house became the 'unreachable American dream' for the average folk, and the price of car replaces the price of homes. Everything continued to grow and expand under Sagittarius, including the illusion that 'bigger must be better'. Our means for transportation grew bigger with huge suvs and hummers, our homes became bigger in size, and so did our need for surplus for electric, gas, and heating fuel,. Again, we seen Pluto in action years back as he was removing the toxic in our lives, teaching fuel companies, gas guzzlers, and our power companies that there needs to be limitations - which is what we will 'should' be taught with Pluto in Capricorn. Incomes rose to outrageous numbers, and shopping became a big importance, and Christmas presents needed to charged onto credit cards. Education costs more than a vehicle and a home, but jobs are limited or non-existent. We've watched the diet and exercise businesses boom in the past decade like never before, with sports and entertainment taking on bigger importance, with extravagant ticket prices and contracts, but our people have gotten fatter and out of shape - with a constant rise in obesity in adults, and the wake up call that it is our behavior and lack of responsibility when children are suffering, from our examples.

In Capricorn, who is ruled by Saturn (who I like to refer to as the grumpy old grampa), we learn about traditional ways again. We learn how to how to prioritize, how to limit ourselves, and how to waste less. We learn what is necessary and what isn't. We learn that education is more important again, that scientists and teachers are more of a necessity than movie stars and models, and that police and fireman are more of a necessity than playing football and basketball. I should actually rephrase myself and say that we all have a chance to 'learn' how to limit ourselves and waste less. It isn't going to happen over night, and not everyone learns lesson overnight which is why we will see the same problems happening over and over - until we do see. I can probably say that I will catch hell for my opinions, but I am not saying that sports teams or our entertainment isn't important, I am just saying it is not a necessity.
Here in Pennsylvania, I have griped horribly (as my husband can vouch) how Pittsburgh closed down a number of city police and fireman buildings, because there wasn't enough money. They lost their jobs, couldn't find jobs, and moved out the area. They closed down many schools and limited public transportation because there wasn't enough money. Our kids lost out during the 'game', it put working and single moms at an inconvenience, and people had no way to get to their jobs. There is no money in Pittsburgh, so they HAVE to raise property taxes and force folks out of their home, because there is such a need for money.... BUT there seems to be this mysterious overflow of cash for expensive advertising for sports, contracts with incomes that are out of this world, all with fancy high-priced tickets, new stadiums, and casino. This is my gripe and my opinion as I have watched, astrologically compared the stars to my perspective on life around us. So I am looking very forward to Capricorn putting structure and order into our lives. Capricorn takes of, he provides, and he protects. We have a chance of having a greener world, and learning about kindness for our fellow neighbor. We have a chance at taking care of our children and protecting them, rather than just assuming that they can take care of themselves - while everyone else is doing their own thing. We learn to balance our lives now, a 40 hour work week, family dinners, help the kids with their homework, while actually getting eight hours of sleep. Pluto will be in Capricorn for 15 years, and this guy is old-fashioned, and gets us back to basics, where he takes cares of his family, while lending a helping hand to others. Loyalty is respected, and a handshake and 'our word' actually means something again. He respects elders, he's polite and smiles at strangers, he appreciates good intentions and neighborly offerings - and he graciously returns the favor. He's honorable, respectful, reputable, and loyal. We need this level of communication back to make the world a nicer and peaceful place to live in.

Mercury retrogrades from Libra, and enters Virgo on September 17. And in the same explanation about breakdowns, the retrograde will now enter our money and finances, nitpicking areas that we need to focus on and re-pair, and where misunderstandings and errors need to be restructured and fixed. So anything that you can help yourself through now regarding your money, savings, or bills piling up, would be ideal - to avoid any real surprises.

New intentions and a new attitude are welcomed with a New Moon in Virgo on September 18. Emotional desires to be concentrated on for the next 28 days are our needs to get out finances and money in order, our communication skills with others, but also with ourselves, and a focus on improving our health and well-being, from diet changes, starting new exercise programs, and including meditation and relaxing techniques.

Venus, the planet of desires enters perfectionist Virgo on September 20, and this can aid us in our goals with the New moon to take better care of ourselves. We want to better our life, our health, our work, money, and our service to others.

Our personalities become quite a bit more cheerier and Sun enters polite Libra on September 22, and we become friendlier, more helpful to others, with a balanced need to also do things for ourselves.

Last, Mercury stations and turns direct on September 29, and in a few days, we get 'two thumbs up' to make purchases, sign contracts, and communicate what we say or need to do, without so many interruptions!

Make it a great month!

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Starcana, aka Suzanne Dronzek, is an Intuitive Astrologer with over 20 years of practice and experience in spiritual astrology, mystical tarot, and the metaphysical arts. To personalize this message for inner guidance, personal development, spiritual enrichment, and/or relationship compatibility - request a private and professional consultation via telephone. For complete information about her services, call Suzi (724) 832-9283, or visit her website: