February Horoscope is a bit of a quieter month to indulge ourselves in, but as I always say - take advantage of the quieter timing to recharge our batteries! Our thought-processing and ways of communication for the next few weeks can feel like a strategic game of chess as Mercury enters intelligent Aquarius February 10. We're mentally focused, staying a few steps ahead of the next person, focused on our goal. With supreme concentration at a high, this is quite favorable for brainstorming terrific ideas for advertising, and some friendly competition in work/business. In relationships and romantic partnerships, you may sense a bit of distance and frigidness in the air. Many of us can find a new inspiration as we become friends with ourselves again, detaching from outside emotional connections - which can sometimes just confuse us. It's important to break away from our own routines in order to be true to our own spirit, but also to escape the boredom of daily habits. Words and intentions are crystallized now and it's important to heed and make wise decisions based on facts, rather than emotions.

Our desires become bedazzled for the next four weeks as Venus enters hallucinating Pisces February 11. We are encouraged to keep a normal schedule of pinching ourselves, to stay alert and on course. Venus rules our relationships and money, and when she enters the psychedelic world of Pisces, we become caught up in the moment... the pretty colors, bigger than life rainbows, and everything that we have been dreaming of ... that can cause us to become quite careless of everything else. Enjoy it and have fun while it lasts, but eventually we all need to get back to reality. Magic in our work, business and relationships is available to us, allowing us to see what is possible - but to make it last - we need to do more than just dream, so be sure to have a back-up plan.

A new monthly cycle awakens fresh dreams with a New Moon in unconventional Aquarius on February 13. We are requested to stir up some new emotions in order to dream the impossible dream. What do we want, or need - to find a new hope - and to be totally happy and at peace with ourselves? What needs to be changed in our lives to achieve this? Do we have the spark, the oomph, and the originality of free-thinking to do so? Our intentions should revolve around the elements of Aquarius, like friendships, ankles, circulatory system, social organizations, alliances, love received, humanitarians, and aspirations. After writing your list of goals, it is important for the next few weeks to add our own participation to grow closer to achieving our goal. Happy Valentine's Day, it's the Year of the Tiger. For daily astrological details on February 14, be sure to subscribe to my blog Horoscope Happenings! http://horoscopehappenings.blogspot.com

We get to immerse ourselves into mystic realms of imagination, dreams, and magic as Sun enters the illusionist Pisces February 18. Our identity gently morphs with the cool calm world of the Neptunian, and we get a taste of the serene and dreamy living in their water-world. In business, the creativity department is definitely enhanced now. This is also wonderful time to put out your best sales pitch and have contact with your clients. The mutable energy with communications is not only charming, but also quite powerful. With relationships, we can envision enchantment and bliss - but without a fair dose of reality - we can also experience manipulation and betrayal when (or if) the glamour fades. I don't want my interpretation to have you running and hiding in a whole different direction - but instead, I want you to enjoy the all the seductive temptations that is presented to you - but taste the sweet endearments with a good strong head on your shoulders, that's all.

Last we have a big beautiful Full Moon in harvesting Virgo February 28 to close out the month. Like the beaming light of the Moon, everything comes to light for us now... whether that be physically, mentally, or spiritually. It's a time to come out and expose ourselve. What we've been working for since the New Moon, we could have a sign presented to us, to let us know that we are on the right path.
And until next month, keep reaching for the stars.

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Starcana, aka Suzanne Dronzek, is a Spiritual Tarot Astrologer with over 20 years of practice and experience in spiritual astrology, intuitive tarot, and the metaphysical arts. To personalize this message for inner guidance, personal development, spiritual enrichment, and/or relationship compatibility - request a private and professional consultation via telephone. For complete information about her services, call Suzi (724) 832-9283, or visit her website: www.starcana.com