Uranus, the 'Awakener' finally stations on December 1st, and prepares to turn forward and continue on his courageous journey! During the past few months of his REtrograde, he encouraged us to temporarily internalize our aspirations and dreams - so that we could follow our own dreams and find our own uniqueness again. This process was to help 're-awaken' our individual spirit and to reconnect with our original purpose - rather than blending in and following the crowd. As Uranus held his reins tightly on us for the past few months, we may have experienced more solitude or loneliness (depending on your perspective). The main goal was to help us to re-think and re-shape our mission and individual calling. We needed to learn about our own resistance to change, and to REdiscover our own individuality. Uranus was also busy doing the backstroke through mystical Pisces, and we may have received our own messages of insight regarding compassion and the power of forgiveness, so that we could do our own changing and let go of past. These vibrations of course helped to promote self-healing as well as humanity for others, and for the world. This 'waiting game' is an opportunity to detach ourselves from our emotions, with an option to REevaluate our intentions, like 'be careful of what we wish for'. So whatever has been 'on hold' in our life since July, there was a reason, and it was our chance to re-invent ourselves. To be the change that we want to see the in the world.

Today we will feel the reins unleashed us again, allowing us to carry on with our lives again, but with a new force of motivation! We have a new vision in mind of what we can change in our life now, but we must follow our own beam of light to make it happen. So in the near future, expect to see some big changes in ourselves, our relationship with others, and in the world! I should add that Uranus is the rebel who shocks the world for a bigger and better cause... so be prepared for a few big surprises in the coming weeks ahead!

In the Tarot, Uranus is represented in the message of The Fool. In this image, a new chapter is ready to unfold in the life of the Fool. Walking along without a care in the world, the Fool may be considered 'quite foolish' or 'brilliant' as he strays from the safety of his space on the hillside - to walk off the cliff and wander into the 'unknown'. It is surprising, shocking, and definitely life-changing. No one expected that he would be so spontaneous and just 'do it'. And sure, the Fool could completely louse up the whole thing without thinking of the consequences - or he could be a genius who wasn't afraid to take a risk, and then surprisingly lands on his own two feet! Just expect the unexpected!

Our desires and needs shift from the darker world of Scorpio, and come out into the open, as Venus enters expansive Sagittarius December 1. There are no games with truthful Sag. Love is spread in big way, because it makes us feel good - and because we can! In Sagittarius, we aim to give big and generously, as we know how much we actually get back from it! Sagittarius is the traveler, so many of us will add traveling to our plans to spread the cheer. Sag also represents our belief system, religion, and philosophy and we may feel the need to reconnect with others (or ourselves) in a grand way. Venus (Relationships and Money) has great potential when she meets up with the abundant world of Sagittarius, so we could see our partnerships and finances take a BIG turn for the better. Unfortunately, Sag is also a risk-taker and can be known to be quite irresponsible and frivolous with the funds, so enjoy the blessings - but try not to take it for granted! Have fun, but invest wisely!

Communications and friendship come out strong for us during the Full Moon in Gemini on December 2. The Full Moon shines brightly and lights up the darker areas in our life - rejuvenating negativity into positive light, love, and truth. Allow this moon to see life and others as they are - rather than how you hoped it would be. Communications also become more reserved as Mercury enters serious Capricorn on December 5. Our thoughts become more focused about family, money, and tradition. We are leaving the 'tall tales' of Sagittarius behind, to concentrate on how we can structure our ideas and profit from them too. During this holiday time of sharing, we could begin to put a tighter hold on our wallets (Cappy can be pretty stingy), while communicating the real message behind love and the 'gift of giving'. On December 9, my website: Starcana.com is celebrating our eighth year on the internet! whoohooo!

A new emotional cycle begins with a New Moon in philosopher Sagittarius, December 16. We have the potential to take ourselves to a much higher place during the next few weeks if we work with the vibrations, while investing genuine thought AND action into our goal. Our passion and actions come to a screeching halt as Mars stations and turns retrograde in big-hearted Leo on December 20, which will continue 'til March. You may have noticed your world already starting to slow down, but energy and drive will continue to slowly wither as fiery Mars reels us in, showing us how to use our energy better. Commander Mars and His Highness Leo both represent integrity and honor, and they are the ones who will be separating the great warriors from the sissies now. Our 'word' and promises are weighed heavily now. Talk is cheap, and effort will be required. Mars and Leo need to know that they can trust you. Because we are limited with energy, performing good deeds for others will diminish temporarily. This will also help to unhitch those who've been sucking up all our energy. It's every man for himself for the next few months - which can cause great disruptions in work and in relationships. Simply do your best during this time, and when the retrograde is over - you can decide on what people/projects to invest to, and which to ignore. This is a high time to put money and energy into ourselves now, to build confidence for self-worth!

On the flip-side, if Mars isn't being productive and using his enthusiasm wisely, the feistiness that sits inside of him will resemble that of an active volcano - waiting to exert all that he is holding in. While brewing all that hot passion, frustration fuels impatience and anger. Arguments, depression, an accidents may be brewing if we aren't cautious of our emotions affecting our behavior.. Again, Mars is looking to teach us how to restore our vitality and to keep the fires burning longer - rather than bigger and faster. Remember: it's quality versus quantity!

Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year is on December 21, and we can start looking forward to adding more light to each of our coming days! whoohoo! The Sun also enters ambitious Capricorn, on December 21 and we enter the serious and valuable world of the hard-working mountain goat. Venus joins the Sun in Capricorn, December 25, and our yearnings shift from party enthusiast Sagittarius, toward more old-fashioned values represented by Capricorn. The holiday follows a more traditional style, meaning that gag gifts should be replaced with something more of value... not necessarily going out of your budget - but giving something that shows your respect and appreciation. In other areas, this is a grand time to begin focus on finances and business, as well as getting into a wellness program fueled with activity for the body and calming for the mind. Relationships become a bit more quaky at this time because Capricorn believes in loyalty and commitment, and whatever is strong and valuable - he will use to build a strong foundation with. Not everyone has these same reputable standards. Saturn demands the best when he designs, and if there is weakness in the wood or the relationship, he will find it.

Along with Mars, we also have Mercury heading retrograde this month on December 26. Mercury rules our communication and thought-processing, and while he will 'appear' to be moving backwards... the way we express ourselves now will also appear to be going in the wrong direction. If we aren't detailed and speak what we really mean - misunderstandings because of misinterpretations are likely. It's time to REmove the confusion in our words and REbuild the way we communicate with others. Agreements, contracts, and the purchase of major items should be avoided until January 15, 2010 - but if that is not possible - be sure to read the fine print and ask very detailed questions to avoid bigger problems. Mercury retrograde will also break down faulty technical devices, computers, cellphones, and appliances. Be sure to take care of these items that you may have been avoided or over-looked. It might be a good idea to ask Santa for an external back-up drive for your laptop!

We end the year with a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in motherly Cancer on December 31. We're closing emotional doors now for self-protection and to stabilize our inner circle. Answers present themselves to us now, and we become empowered. Create your own list of what you want to say goodbye to, from individuals, financial issues, grudges & resentments, procrastination, etc. Next beside each 'goodbye item' - write down what you want to add into your life (realistically!) to replace the loss. Using the power of intention and lunar strength at 2:13pm EST, read that list aloud.... meditating on your desire to transform trouble(s) into positive outcomes! Ask the Universe for what you want, and what you are willing to do to help move this along!

Have a happy AND safe new year! May your year be filled with much love, prosperity and good health!

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? Starcana, aka Suzanne Dronzek, is a Spiritual Tarot Astrologer with over 20 years of practice and experience in spiritual astrology, intuitive tarot, and the metaphysical arts. To personalize this message for inner guidance, personal development, spiritual enrichment, and/or relationship compatibility - request a private and professional consultation via telephone. For complete information about her services, call Suzi (724) 832-9283, or visit her website: www.starcana.com