Astrological Happenings, Astrology October 2009 Horoscope... We start with blessings Full Moon in Aries on October 4. While the Full Moon has it's own powerful energy in the light she carries, so does the sign that it sits in, as Aries is cardinal, a mover, and a shaker. Utilize this energetic Full Moon to move and shake areas in your own life, from decorating your home or altar, to shaking things up in your professional field. Just be careful of how much you do fuel the fire, or you could end up burning some bridges if too much ego is onboard. Shake the fire, energize your surroundings, but don't let it go out of control! The Full Moon provides us with great light, and this is when light overcomes shadows, revealing hidden truth and secrets. Information comes out of the closet now, exposing itself to the world. Mercury enters sweet Libra October 9, Our thought-processing and communication skills become much more friendly and polite in social Libra. We are generating more of our thoughts and energy toward others, in hopes of extending love and peace - to create a more loving and peaceful world. We're thinking rationally of ways to bring people and situations together. Expect a harder time to make decisions during this time, as Libra tends to fluctuate or 'weigh in on the scales'. If you've had your eye on a goal or purpose, you could actually talk yourself out of it during this shift. And let us not forget romance! Libra loves togetherness, and doing things together. We'll most likely be on our best behavior to entice the 'object of our eye', with sweet nothings, charmed gestures, and romantic goodies. On the flip side, Libra does like challenges and debates, so we may find some individuals becoming more judgmental or sarcastic during this time, as some struggle to find security within their own skins. Our communication skills has the potential of being finessed to bring out our natural and gentle nature - or we rebel against it, as we defend our individuality. try meeting others half-way, and give peace a chance.

Jupiter finally stations on October 13 to prepare for his forward journey after four months of retrograde. Some of us may have been internalizing and questioning our faith and belief in others. Our doubts and suspicions may have challenged us to feel more weary of others intentions and possibly even to question our believe system. As Jupiter unfolds his lucky hand, we can see doors of opportunity finally beginning to open once again, allowing us to have trust and hope in the outside world, and in ourselves. Jupiter provides expansion and abundance, so we can expect him to improve many areas of our lives (check where he's transiting in your natal chart) - but he can truly help out in the money department, if you've been loyal and kept the faith throughout some of the hard times. Venus enters flirtatious Libra October 14, and our desires and enjoyments slide into mental pleasures, sometimes enjoying just the 'idea' of getting what we want. We want to have others in our lives, but we may also thrive for equal time for solitude. Libra is an air sign, and air needs space. otherwise it becomes stale. Being alone may be valuable, but occasional contacts with others will also be just as valuable. We are learning how to create balance. We may begin to feel the need to challenge others and question their existence, as we figure out our our individual path, like an old saying 'how better to ourselves, than through others". We become more energetic but distant about taking control of our lives now.

Here's a reflective quote to meditate on with all the Libran energy this month. "Men hate each other because they fear each other, and they fear each other because they don't know each other, and they don't know each other because they are often separated from each other." ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Think of your friends and family that you participate with regularly, but how many of them can you say that you REALLY know?

Mars enters dramatic Leo October 16, Our actions become much more excitable as aggressive Mars exits passive Cancer, and parades himself in confident Leo. This is a powerful and spirited blend of fiery energy. Leo is fixed and focused, and whatever we put our mind to now, we are able to stay concentrated to make sure we accomplish our goals. This double-fire vibration is full of vitality, gusto and courage. On the flip side, we can also be very frustrated, territorial, and defensive. because we have our sight on the goal and rewards, we're not letting anything or anyone distract us - and this can sometimes lead to ugliness. Intimate relations are highly charged now, from strong sexual urges to jealous attacks. The best way to stay on the good side of the intensity is to simply chill out, be truthful and show dedication. New Moon in romantic Libra October 18, inspires us to think about what we want in our relationships for the next 28 days. Whether this be personal or professional, write down what we hope to obtain, in specific details!, then finalize the list with the physical steps that we must take to fulfill our half of the contract with the Universe. See what spurts up in the next few weeks!

We become more intense with our personalities as Sun enters passionate Scorpio October 23. We will become more perceptive of what is happening around us, while noticing what people are saying and NOT saying. Scorpio is guarded and sneaky. We become much more driven and we're not afraid to prove it. As we have this appetite to succeed and move forward, we may slide behind the shadows to watch and observe others, to develop our own skills. Scorpio is ruled by powerful Pluto, and so they have a need to be better than others and thrive for total control. There could be a few heads bumping now, if Libran energy is not balanced and developed. Mercury enters secretive Scorpio October 28, Communications become much more intense, as our thoughts becomes slippery and deep. We can become intoxicated and intrigued with the strange, the mysterious, and unknown now, drawing us to areas that we may feel a need to know more. Some may be searching for others dark secrets and can become obsessed to make sense of what has not come to light for them. Individuals may find themselves becoming desperate to get answers, in fear of not being in control. Manipulation is the alternative for those who avoid action and direct communication with others. Be cautious, as two can play this game now, and you may be wondering 'who's playing who". Others may decide that playing games is not for them, and escape the predicted drama, and find the exit door. Truth and direct communication will be necessary, because without it, there will be turning back.

After two years, Saturn finally leaves hard-working Virgo and enters friendly Libra on October 29 and will stay there until October 5, 2012. Saturn is the Taskmaster who helps us to discover our weakest points, and teaches us how to tackle those frustrating blocks - to be our very best. Entering Libra, we will be learning about how we relate to others, and finding out by experience: what works FOR us, and what works against us. We will learn how to find the peace and companionship that we have been searching for, as Saturn takes us into some fearful territories in the deepest part our souls. Saturn's participation will truly compliment the cleansing process of Pluto to create more respectable and kind human beings in the world, but re-learning the process can be very hard to learn, but so worth the hard work and tears. You can catch the recap of my Pluto interpretation on my September post.

And October 31 we have a favorite holiday! Have a spooky Halloween everyone!

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