Tradition in India remains dominated by astrology. Every event and celebration remain marked by a “right time” along with plenty of poojas. To make an event auspicious, we must follow a specific set of steps in its correct order. So, we can see how we celebrate events today in the same way our grandparents celebrated their event a hundred or so years ago.

How is tradition relevant to astrology?

Repetition of events, both good and bad, is at the core of astrology. When somebody breaks a tradition, it becomes a bad event. If this event repeats, it sets precedence. It is up to others to see this cycle of repetition and make efforts to avoid or annul its bad effects. We can consult an astrologer for this. Search in Google with the terms “Best Astrologer Near Me” to get a list of good people in this business. It is up to us to select one to consult him or her for knowing about our future. One of the best astrologers is Astrologer Shashi in Delhi. All her predictions are helping people lead a happier life.

Energy flow around us

Prediction of personal events depends on the birth time that is a horoscope. It tells an astrologer position of stars when we were born. Energy from planets governs our actions. We may not be able to avoid patterns because of an endless cycle of repetition and it is stronger for bad things than good ones. Every astrologer consults zodiac signs to tell your daily horoscope. In this manner, we have a Cancer horoscope for people born under a Cancer zodiac sign just as Pisces horoscope is for those who are born under Pisces. It is the way an occurrence repeats year after year for thousands of years. We can get the Astrology in Hindi if we are not comfortable with English. We will understand it better and know what to do exactly.

Positioning of planets

Planets may not always align in a favourable way in a horoscope. To offset any bad effects of planets, we use yantras or gemstones. Gemstones have intrinsic vibrations - Sapphire has vibrations in blue light wavelength while Ruby has it in red. When vibrations interact with our body energy, it produces good or bad results. To know about it, consult your astrologer. He or she will tell us how to use this energy to keep our life progressive.

Positive or negative energy

Meditation, rudraksha, and Shiva form a major part of mental peace with strength. It governs kundalini or shakti, a power of the universe. To harness this energy, we must use a good yantra or japa mala. Using this one can defeat all types of negative energy to become successful in life. Rudraksha is got from a rudraksh tree. It helps amplify mind power in a traditional way. The most powerful rudraksh bead is Ek mukhi rudraksha.

It is important to orient oneself in a proper direction so we avoid any negative energy. This is part of all poojas because any yantra one uses will lose its power if it is not oriented or placed in a proper manner. Your astrologer will tell you all about this when you do your pooja.

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Astrologer Shashi is the founder of this Astrology hub. She recommends the gemstones to her customers not only based on the rashi but also sees the proper position of their stars so that there might not be any complications in the future. She is well known for the best Horoscope Consultation in India and outside of India also.