Since ancient times, the art, science, religion and philosophy were the 4 pillars that supported the wisdom. This wisdomwas sought by the ancient sages, who gave up their life to attain knowledge. This wisdom was sought in the temples and the pyramids of Egypt, Delphi in ancient Greece, the pyramids of Mexico, the ruins of the ancient Machu Pichu in Peru, and in many places.

Later with the disappearance of the ancient oracles, we find the science of development i.e. Astrology, which has been persecuted.Its greatness, restores in reminding us to be where we stand in life and the cosmos.

There was a versed philosopher in astronomy, who asked Jesus if he had studied this science, the answer of Jesus was to make a statement on the number of fields and bodies that are in the sky, its nature and a juxtaposition of their appearance in triangular, rectangular, hexagonal, its path back and forth from their positions in minutes and seconds and many other things that are not an enough reasons.

If we assume that the stars influence our lives and destiny then we must accept that the stars and planets, the personal or home Cosmo gram show us the way and give us clues about reincarnation, this area of astrology is called Karmic astrology.

Karmic astrology has its zeal to find the transcendental destiny of human beings on the spiritual path for cosmic self-realization. Studying astrological keys enable us to learn more about our previous lives, makings aware of our faults, vices of our erroneous zones, and accordingly, what changes we will make in our lives today.

Large numbers of Hindu as well Western texts, with years of experience, in our office have shown that astral key of our past lives is not just a complement to our sun sign or rising sign, but it depends on other laws that are far beyond our free will.
In the great river of life, it is better to swim with the tide than against it.
Several types of Karma:
Karma dealing with earth manifests itself as tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc.
The karma of the nation, it is when we have such a bad ruler.
The Karma of the family, this explains the family whose members are enemies etc.
And finally, there is individual or personal karma.

Of course there is also a Dharma that is all, as opposed to Karma, and means prize.


The lunar nodes are the result of two opposite points where they intersect the orbit of the moon and the ecliptic (or orbits of the earth); these two points move in a retrograde, changing its position from one sign to another, from Aries to Pisces.

One theory models Tibetan Lamas, when he said that before the rising sign, is the path that deals with past lives.
If we begin to count backward from the ascendant, there are signs and houses up to the South Node which are found to be something very interesting.

According to the Tibetan system houses, aspects in retrospect acquire the character of past lives. There are some very important cycles or stages, in renewing the karmic influence of the nodes.

In what cycle are you?
And of course there are other intermediate steps that when did the South Node locate on the North Node, which is invested and this is in the age 9-27-45-63-81-99.

While reincarnation and karma are common terms in Brahmanism, Hinduism, Jainism, in the Bible there are allusions to reincarnation; but it does not relate well with this name because the Bible is written in codes. An example, John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah, and because of the crimes in the next reincarnation, Elijah suffered the punishment of John the Baptist. Elijah slew his enemies and died the next life in the similar order of Herod.

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