The hypothesis of reincarnation is the heart of the Hindu religion. Faith in reincarnation has primordial origin. This dogma is a fundamental principle of most of the Indian religions like Hinduism or Jainism. This notion was also contemplated by certain ancient Greek philosophers.
Over the decades, a considerable number of people in the west have grown a faith in the reincarnation theory. Researchers like Professor Stevenson have investigated the matter of reincarnation and disclosed the proof of existence of previous lives in the memories of children.
It is believed by our revered Rishis that the earth is the place where we undergo the effects of karmas in our past lives. In accordance with the Hinduism, we cannot be freed from the cycle of birth and death or rebirth before we go through the effects of our karmas.
Indian astrology is established on the idea of rebirth. Without admitting this concept, it would be very hard to understand and learn astrology. The starting point of astrology is that the present life of a man is a reflection of his earlier life and the accumulated karmas of that existence. The correlation between the present and the former life is realized and illustrated through astrology. Hence astrology is connected to this vital aspect of the Hindu religion. In Parashar Horoscope, great Parashar has recognized this in karma-jeeva chapter.
In reference to Parashar, in horoscope the fifth house stands for the sum of karma of the native’s previous life.
Our research group has been experimenting with this rule on numerous horoscopes for several years and has come to the conclusion that past life karma is responsible for holdup in marriage and discord in married life of the native. The result reached by our research group is acceptable.
It is considered that holdup or discord in marriage is the consequence of oppression or pain given to the life partner in earlier life, just as astrological combination found in astrology books refers to the problems encountered by children, arising out of the mistakes in past life.
Conventionally the native’s married life is viewed from the angle of seventh house along with its lords. Our centre of attention is the seventh house from the fifth house which is connected with native’s married life in the earlier birth.
The following are the two significant rules concluded from our pioneer research:
Rule No. 1: Connection of the seventh house or its lord with the eleventh house or its lords in the ascendants.
Rule No. 2: The connected planets have link with the ascendants’ bad hales.
Badhak Planet:
The word badhak denotes obstacle. The sign in the ninth from fixed sign, eleventh from movable sign and seventh from dual signs are their badhak or places of obstacle. The lord of the badhaksthan named badhakesh is representative of Shri Ganesh (Vighneshawara) and is regulator of success or failure.

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