Did you know? The fatality rate due to heart diseases in India has risen up to 34%! This has raised concerns among people who already suffer from heart ailments such as high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac arrest, etc or at the risk of falling victim to it.

The Heart is the most vital organ that pumps blood throughout the body. So, it is really important to ensure that the heart continues to function properly for a healthy living.

The Precious Certified Gemstones are known to possess great healing properties and wearing them can cure physical as well as mental illness. Despite the fact that making healthy choices or positive changes can help to protect the heart, there are some very effective healing gemstones for heart problems too that you can try. They provide relief from all heart ailments and minimize the risk factors. These gems/crystals for healing are being used for ages as a remedy to promote good heart health. Read on to know about them in detail.

The red color Ruby stone with magical powers of the ruling planet Sun prevents the wearer from serious heart issues arising out of the blood circulation or blockages. In addition to this, it makes bone stronger and helps to get rid of skin related disorders.
Best day to wear: Sunday

Called the ‘Stone of Successful Love,’ Emerald aka ‘Panna’ is worn by people since ancient times since it offers lots of benefits to the wearer. Many physical issues related to Heart can be treated with this stone. It is also known for healing the heart chakra which leads to overall well being.
Best day to wear: Wednesday

Known to enhance the power of the planet Moon, the white color Pearl is believed to fight heart diseases and keep it healthy and strong. This natural occurring gemstone also brings peace, confidence, courage and calmness in the life of a wearer.
Best day to wear: Monday

Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye is one of the most striking gemstones because of the many bands of color that it has. Its healing energies can help in purifying the blood and circulating it across the organs. Wearing it can amplify the energies of other stones as well.
Best day to wear: Monday

Rose Quartz
One of the best stone for Heart Chakra healing is Rose Quartz. This light pink colored gemstone, also known as the ‘stone of the heart’ aids in blood circulation and alleviates other physical issues associated with the heart. Thus, keeps the heart stable and healthy.
Best day to wear: Friday

Wearing such gems/crystals for heart health is good but first, it is important to take medical advice and then switch to these gemstones for healing. Also, don’t forget to enlighten gemstones before wearing.

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