Lagdha is the founder or father of the Vedang Jyotisha, unfortunately he is less known or less talked.
Rahu & Ketu are said to be invisible planets. Trust me, they shows stars in the day.
Rahu & Ketu cannot be benefic at same time as they are opposite to each other. If Rahu is good, Ketu becomes automatically malefic or vice versa.
Saturn is considered a very inauspicious planet in astrology. Believe me, Saturn is full of goodness. Saturn shows us the real truth and the path of struggle or hard work. Truth is always bitter to digest and nobody want to do hard work, this is the biggest and bitter truth.
Malefic planets do not produces inauspicious result until auspicious planet are in effect, we get malefic results only when the auspicious planets are weak and the inauspicious planets are heavy. So, malefics do not harm us as benefic does. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are defamed unnecessarily.
Our body contains 65-70% of water (Moon), so the Moon (Emotions) effect us faster than other planets or the effect of Moon (Emotions) is more than other planets. That’s the only reason why so much importance has been given to Moon and most of the calculations like Mahadasha, Transit, Nakshtra and Signs are dependant on Moon.
If the Ascendant and the Moon signs are same, good becomes best and bad becomes worst.
Strong Ascendant (Body) and the Moon (Mind) are the biggest Raj yoga one can ever have.
Sade Sati of the Saturn may troublesome for every sign but it can be worse for the Scorpio Moon.
When a planet is exactly opposite of the Sun, it is visible for the greatest number of hours during the 24 hours. When it is in such a position, the planet rises when the Sun sets, and it sets when the Sun rises. In other words, the planet is visible during the entire night time. This is considered to make the planet most auspicious. That’s why Moon is considered stronger or full when it is opposite to Sun. On the other hand, an exact conjunction with the Sun is least auspicious. Due to the overwhelming amount of light of the Sun, the planet is not visible at all, not at day and not at night. When the distance is few degrees, the planet is said to be Combust.

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Author Bio: Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 year’s practical experience in astrology. She is regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.