Indian astrology told when the outbreak of coronavirus will end, it is very important for the sun to enter Aries
Rahu and Shani are considered to be the factors of virus in Indian astrology. Due to these outbreaks, the corona epidemic has spread. Due to the presence of Saturn in Capricorn, the impact of this epidemic is increasing.
However, when the Sun enters the Aries sign, the end of the corona will also be possible. According to astrology, the Sun will enter Aries on 14 April 2020. According to the horoscope of India, Saturn is moving in the Moon in the horoscope of Taurus Ascendant.

According to the research scholar of astrology of Sampurnananda Sanskrit University, Divine Krishna Sastri, currently, Rahu is transiting in the high zodiac Gemini, which is the second house of India's horoscope. It is considered to be the factor of mouth, nose, ear, throat in the horoscope of the Kaalpurush. Rahu is Lagna ascendant, as well as Venus, is third with Saturn. That is, respiratory tract, asthma, cough, lungs, respiratory diseases are happening from the third house.

Since the virus is spreading through the air and the cause of oxygen is lunar. The moon is in its own sign, which has little effect, but its effect can increase when the god Jupiter transits in its low zodiac Capricorn on March 30.

Guru is in the sixth house in the horoscope of India, which is called disease and enemy. If we see Saturn in transit, Swarashi is already present in Capricorn from January 24 and now Mars will also transit in Capricorn on 22 March. Mars is considered to be the commander and Saturn will be a factor of power and justice, in such a situation, there will also be a disturbance related to power and armies.

Capricorn is the sign of the earth element whose owner is Saturn. Due to hostile behavior from Mars, it will also affect the Earth. According to astrological calculations, the effect of corona will begin to subside by April and is likely to end only after the middle of the year.

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