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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. I’m here to connect you with your passion and what you love! This is your bi-weekly astrology forecast for April 2014 and includes the Astrology leading to and for the Libra Lunar Eclipse Moon on April 15th to the Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 28th.

is a general forecast for the current astrological trends affecting everyone. If you have personal planets within 1-3º orb of an aspect then you will have a more direct personal experience of the celestial event.

With the April Eclipses you are in profound and Major Life Change. You know you need to make changes or are in the process of making significant changes at this time. With the rapid shift that’s occurring there’s a cacophony of people and things vying for your attention.

Your intuition and gut instincts are what you need to attune to for navigating through the Major Game Changing Events facing you.

No one can predict what will happen now!

April is a 4 month the number of material manifestation and the number of the planet Saturn. It’s a month of focused attention and doing the work of making your dreams real.

Add the number 4 to the universal year of 7 we’re presently in and you get the Master number 11. 7 is a year of spiritual awakening, and connecting with the mystical and mysterious side of your life. During a universal 7 year you have an opportunity to connect the dots and see the connection between all things.

The Master number 11 is a gateway when your choices have profound and lasting effects. This is a month when you set primary cause and effect laws of creation into motion. It’s a month when you can transcend your old patterns and karma through your choices.

The key to making empowering choices that will give you long lasting desired results are to see life events happening for you.

Albert Einstein said there is only one question to answer, “Do you live in a friendly or hostile world?”

Can you choose to go with life events and be curious about connecting how this event could be helping you to create the wonderful life you dream about for yourself?

Or will choose to be a dis-empowered victim of your life circumstances?

Can you have the courage to step up, stand firm, and be your own best friend and meet life with the intention to be victorious and rise above no matter what it takes?

You can choose to realize magic and miracles at this time if you are willing to engage and ride the waves of rapid change and growth available now.

What will you choose?

Here’s a brief rundown of the cosmic line-up of events happening in April. I’ll give you the exact dates for these events later in the forecast.

The Sun will activate the Grand Cardinal Cross meaning your life essence and will force will be purged of old karmic (cause & effect) patterns. You may feel this intensely depending upon how identified you are with your old patterns and stories.

Someone or an event could show up as a messenger for what you need to purge, or if you’re no longer into the projection game (playing the victim of your life story) this will be an internalized process. With Mars retrograde in Libra generally everyone is realizing more they’re participation in life events which is helpful for the waking up process that’s happening world wide.

Then the Waxing Quarter Moon in Cancer activates the Grand Cardinal Cross and purges your emotional and instinctive bodies of old patterns. Now is time to feel the love, get the lessons and release the old anger and resentment you’ve held on to perhaps for eons through your family lineage.

Then Mercury representing your conscious and lower mind structures activates the Grand Cardinal Cross and your mental body is purged of old beliefs and attitudes that have held you back and sabotaged your best efforts in the past.

Then finally Mars representing your egoic drive for taking action and asserting yourself is purged of old patterns like overt aggression and the need to war to get your ego needs and desires met.

By April 24th most of the intensity of purging is completed as we head toward the Taurus Solar Eclipse on the 28th. To recap your Sun / will force etheric and electric body, Moon / emotional and instinctual body, Mercury / lower conscious mind and mental body, Mars / egoic drive and desire body have all been purged and cleared by April 24th.

A few life thrival strategies I recommend during this time:

  • Stay focused in the present moment and do things that ground you and keep you centered within yourself. Otherwise you could feel very disturbed by all the energies going on around you as there’s so much upgrading to the systems happening at the individual and collective levels.
  • Hydrate with pure fresh water. Your nervous system and kundalini energy are amped up into hyper drive at this time and you can easily get overloaded. So, hydrating with pure fresh water will help you integrate the tremendous energetic fluctuations occurring now. Get adequate rest with a whole food diet that nourishes your cells. Also, sea salt baths and warm showers can help keep your energy system clear and balanced.
  • Regular exercise, breathing, meditation are all good, as is spending time in nature and listening to music that calms and stills your mind.
  • Both The Spring and Fall Eclipse Seasons in 2014 are exceedingly potent change agents. The first set of Eclipses in April get the ball rolling.

    You need to step up and be your best self to handle these energies and ride the waves, or you could get knocked around and sucked into the undertow.

    The karmic North and South node points now in Libra and Aries respectively have been helping you to clear and free yourself from karmic (cause and effect) entanglements from your past for a fresh new start.

    Now Let’s talk a little bit more in depth about the celestial gateway leading to your April 15th Lunar Eclipse experience.

    On the very 1st day of April the Sun (your life force energy) at 11º Aries squares Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) in Cancer and the very next day April 2nd the Sun conjuncts Uranus (the Awakener). This same day Mercury (the messenger) at 21º Pisces trines Saturn (the planet that gives form and structure). Then on April 3rd the Sun Squares Pluto.

    April starts out with a bang and may be very eventful for you. The energies are intense for breaking you through to your next level and opportunities come your way. What happens during this week offers you a clear indication of how you’re doing with navigating and integrating the shifts needing to occur. Are you stepping up and embodying your life mission? Do things feel like there lining up for you?

    On April 5th Venus the planet of love moves into Pisces where she will be transiting throughout the entire April Eclipse Season, along with Neptune (the planet of idealized love) and Chiron (the wounded healer).

    During the April Eclipse season these planets (Venus, Neptune and Chiron) are in varying degrees of trine to Saturn (grounding and stabilizing the volatility now), sextile to Pluto in Capricorn and trine to Jupiter in Cancer.

    This alignment of planets forms a Kite pattern. A Kite Pattern helps you to ground and rise to higher levels of consciousness, stepping up to meet any challenges.

    Two of the planets in the Kite pattern Pluto and Jupiter are also part of the Grand Cardinal Cross. So, Pluto and Jupiter’s involvement in the Cardinal Grand Cross is ameliorated or weakened. They are not amping up the energy of the Cross, but softening it and helping you integrate the changes.

    Mars another planet that is part of the Cross is retrograde in Libra. So, the Mars energy is internalized and weakened and in Libra Mars is not so aggressive. It is opposite the zodiac sign it rules Aries and is said to be in its fall or detriment.

    Your internalized Martian energy is conjunct the North Node (your karmic destiny point), so now you’re faced with your past behaviors and seeing clearly how your actions have undermined you. Mars conjunction with first magnitude wealth stars Spica and Arcturus aids you to rise to the occasion and make necessary changes to your behaviors for creating success!

    On April 7th we have the waxing quarter moon at 17º Cancer activating the Cardinal Grand Cross Energies between Uranus and the Sun in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars conjunct the North Node and first degree magnitude wealth stars Spica and Arcturus.

    This same day Mercury ingresses into Aries. The energies are hot, fired up and intense and you may feel a deep sense of the need for protection of your home and family. Your challenge is to relax and calm your mind and emotions and stay your course.

    On April 8th the Sun opposes Mars, so on this day the Cardinal Grand Cross has been fully activated by the Sun and the Moon! Your life force and emotional bodies are being purged by this high energy charge producing surges of electrical impulse that clear you of old stubborn memories and emotional patterns.

    On April 14th, the day before the Full Lunar Eclipse Mercury at 13º Aries squares Jupiter in Cancer, then conjuncts Uranus in Aries, then squares Pluto as it stations retrograde.

    The Cardinal Grand Cross has now been fully activated by Mercury. Your mental body is electrified by this high energy charge that clears you of old attitudes and beliefs.

    To recap: The purpose of the Grand Cardinal Cross is to breakdown old resistant patterns and effectively break you free of old past structures and systems that hold you back. In other words that which no longer works will break down and fall away and that which is true will remain.

    The Kite Pattern I spoke about earlier that’s been functioning since July helps you rise above circumstances and break free of traditional and established ways of being and doing that prevent you from realizing your potential, the life you were born to live.

    On April 15th we have the Total Lunar Eclipse at 25º Libra.

    The Total Lunar Eclipse Libra Full Moon is conjunct to Mars the planet of drive, energy and action.

    The Lunar Eclipse is felt most strongly and brings the most change to the areas of the world that are in its direct path. The Libra Lunar Eclipse will be visible over Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, North and South America.

    As the moon passes through the earth’s shadow it gives the appearance of a blood red moon.

    Figuratively speaking as the Libra Full Moon totally eclipses the Sun conjunct Mercury and Uranus your nervous system goes offline momentarily and as the Sun re-emerges from the Eclipse your nervous system and internal communications systems of your physical and subtle psychic senses will experience a re-boot as the upgrade is activated. New visions for your future and the future of our world are given birth.

    The energies released at the Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra culminate and play themselves out over the next two weeks with peak after-shock and resolution release points occurring throughout that time.

    On April 19th the Sun’s entry into Taurus helps you feel you can begin to get traction and engage your own will forces and things begin to settle down.

    On April 20th Jupiter at 13º Cancer squares Uranus and opposes Pluto and then on the very next day April 21st Uranus at 13º Aries exactly squares Pluto in Capricorn as it retrogrades in Capricorn.

    With these T-Square aspects between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto things are brought to light, there are openings for new possibilities, Your individual rights and power of authority is established and old structures crumble and fall away.

    On April 22nd we have the waning quarter moon at 2º Aquarius, there’s a feeling of breaking free and freedom and on this same day Mars retrograde squares Jupiter giving you a feeling of expansion and internal freedom.

    On April 23rd Mars retrograde (planet of desire, energy and action) opposes Uranus (the awakener) and squares Pluto (the transformer). This T-Square aspect between Mars, Uranus and Pluto indicates the release of old structures and ways of relating and freedom to act in new ways. This energy is very physical and can feel very intense. Exercise and some form of movement would be good for integrating the changes occurring now.

    This same day April 23rd Mercury moves into Taurus. Now any excessive mental chatter you’ve been experiencing starts to settle down.

    On April 25th the Sun at 5º Taurus conjuncts Mercury and your mind and life force energies unite. You have a sense of being more grounded after all the unsettling thoughts feelings and emotions you may have experienced over the past 3 weeks.

    On April 28th at 11:14pm PT we have the Annular Solar Eclipse at 8º Taurus.

    Mercury the communicator once again plays a part as it conjuncts the Taurus New Moon. The Taurus New Moon and Mercury are also sextile to Neptune in Pisces and trine to Pluto in Capricorn.

    Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus and the harmonious alignments to Neptune and Pluto suggests a harmonious and peaceful time when you can realize dreams and transform situations in your life.

    My next Bi-weekly Horoscope Forecast will be for the astrology highlights for the Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 28th to the Scorpio Full Moon on May 14th.

    Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.


    You have my permission to publish this article in its entirety if you include this complete copyright notice with it: © KG Stiles 2014

    Author's Bio: 

    KG Stiles is a visionary and pioneer healing arts practitioner / holistic health coach / Metaphysician / Intuitive Astrologer offering Professional Services since 1980. She has a B.A. in Philosophy and Background Training in Jungian Archetypal Psychology and Social Work with Advanced Degrees in the Transformational Healing Arts. She's a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Founder / Director PurePlant Essentials organic aromatherapy and develops integrative health programs for hospitals, businesses and individuals, as well as training and consulting. KG’s relationship with the elemental and mystical realms since early childhood gives her a depth of connection and understanding about the symbolic life of the soul, the language of astrology, dreams, tarot, numerology, angels, plant communication, as well as other metaphysical modalities. KG reads the energies at play for you to access information that empowers you to realize your potential, resolve life issues, and enjoy a more satisfying and rewarding life. Circle me on Google+
    Website: MAHALO!