Can the principles of the secret and the law of attraction coexist with astrological principles? There is a seemingly contradiction between astrology and the laws of attraction. If we indeed are the author of our own reality and can attract and create the life we want then how is it that our astrology chart shows what will happen? How much of our life is predestined and determined and do we create our own reality?

It is possible to look at your astrological chart and be able to see much that has happened in your life. Even more inexplicable is the ability to see when events will unfold. How can this coexist with the principles of creating our own reality?
The astrological chart is the thumbprint of your souls’ destiny for this particular lifetime. It will reveal different paths you incarnated to experience. For some individuals issues around money may be more difficult, for others relationships, career fulfillment, or health may be their challenge. Even though you may be destined to have certain challenges your chart does not say you are destined to continue with problems. In fact it is your higher self’s desire to move beyond the karmic imprint and pattern that you came in with and to learn how to eliminate and transcend the problematic imprint.

For millennium sages have said that we can have whatever we want and if we can think it we can achieve it. Your chart shows multiple realities but it will not show you creating a reality that is not true to your inner core. Every person has his or her own dream. Your dreams and desires can be much different than the dream of your brother or sister, or of a political or Olympic hopeful. For one person their ideal life may be to have a beautiful home, loving family and a successful business, whereas for another that reality may be frightful and their dream would be to backpack around the world sleeping in a different place every night. In that sense your astrology chart can show your destiny, because it points to what your higher self wants for you to fulfill your desires and dreams in this life.

The law of attraction states that you will attract into your life what you think about. When your thoughts are charged with emotion you will draw to you that experience quicker and with more force. Your chart indicates how you are programmed to think and feel. Conscious understanding of your inner being through astrology is no different than understanding yourself through any other means whether it is therapy, meditation, dreams, or journaling. Using astrology as a tool when working with manifestation principles will give you immediate shortcuts to charging your emotional body and understanding your thought processes. You do not need years of introspection to discover the emotional and unconscious vibration you are sending to the universe; it is revealed in the chart. It is a shortcut however you still need to do the work to alter and step into higher consciousness.

One of the main tenants of the law of attraction is that we attract what happens to us whether we want it or not. The universe is only fulfilling the order that we are sending out. The astrology chart will show what it is you may unconsciously be attracting. The moon in a chart represents our emotions and what we need to feel safe and secure. For example if you have your moon in Cancer there is an underlying need to be close and connected yet there is a fear that you may be abandoned, therefore when a difficult planetary influence enters into your life the astrologer can indeed “predict” that someone in your life will leave you and be quite accurate, this is because the vibration your moon has been emitting comes from thoughts and fears about being abandoned and therefore you attract that reality. Understanding the emotional needs of your moon will empower you to consciously choose a higher level of your moons vibrational pattern and therefore alter the outcome of your future. For example, let’s say your moon is in Scorpio; that means that your internal need to be able to feel emotionally safe and secure is to have people in your life you can trust. There is nothing wrong with trust, sounds good and who doesn’t want trust in their relationship? However underneath that need for trustworthy relationships is a fear of being betrayed. Yet if your moon is in Scorpio it has a magnetic vibration and underlying chronic questioning of “is that person trustworthy?” and “Will they betray me?” What happens is that unconscious vibration will attract into your life a situation where you will be betrayed or face issues of trust and betrayal, (perhaps by falling in love with someone else while you are in a relationship and therefore facing your own inner definition of trust and betrayal). As the betrayal enters into your life a crises occurs forcing you to understand how your thoughts, feelings, and actions have led you to the point you are now at. The trained astrologer can easily see when these events will happen therefore it can appear that your chart and your life are predestined or fated. By becoming conscious of your inner self you can change the pattern and create different outcomes.

Financially your chart will show your financial conditioning and what thoughts and feelings you are sending to the universe and hence whether you are attracting financial abundance into your life. Your house of money may have Saturn in it, indicating fear and limitation around money. This does not mean you are destined to always be fearful and limited financially but it does mean that you are destined to face your fears and the negative imprint from authority figures (Saturn) that have influenced your subconscious conditioning about money and is attracting circumstances in your life that fulfill the limitation and fear belief. Having an affliction to your house of money in your astrological chart does show that you are predestined to face problems concerning money and it indicates the need to become aware of past conditioning that if not confronted will create your financial future with monetary struggles and limitations.

Your relationship and love life also appears preordained from your chart. The vibrational frequency of your Venus (indicating what you love) will send out to the universe a resonance that emits a call for what your Venus represents. If you have Venus in Gemini then it is a call to attract someone who you can communicate with. And the universe will respond and send you someone that is a good friend and your can chat about anything with that person. Yet Venus in Gemini has an uncanny ability to doubt if that person really is your twin soul, and will question whether or not someone else might be your soul mate. Therefore the reflection from the universe will obey your thoughts and your new love may open a conversation with “I want to be your friend but I just don’t think you are the right person.” When that transpires it is the fulfillment of the unconscious thoughts and feelings of your Venus manifesting against your conscious wishes.

Who hasn’t considered the thought of why did this happen to me? I didn’t choose this, are you crazy? Why is it that you can see illness, abuse, financial woes, and difficulty in love in your chart? The fact that your chart was created from the moment in time and the location when you took your first breath it would appear that your life in some way was written. On some level it is but it is the outline from which you get to fill in the blanks and take the story line in the direction that you want. You may have been given the assignment of scripting a story of a great artist, you can have all the creative leeway you need in developing that story, but it is the story of an artist. It is not the story of a warrior; the warrior was given another notebook from which to write in. Accepting the beauty of the gift of who you are will free you to create the life of your dreams. Follow your heart and the inner knowing of what brings your spirit joy. In doing so you will work with the secret of the universe; not in opposition to what your astrological chart indicates but in tandem to the highest spiritual manifestation of the gifts you came onto the planet to share.

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