Sadly, a lot of kids have oversized, protruding ears from birth. The self-esteem and conviction levels of many children can be negatively impacted by protruding ears, despite the fact that they are not the face's usual central focal point. This age group regularly engages in taunting about having big ears, which can have long-lasting effects.

Many parents are looking to have ear surgery (also known as Microtia surgery to assist their children in order to protect them from the potential negative effects of taunting and mocking.

Ear surgery can be carried out on patients of almost any age and effectively reshapes, resizes, and repositions excessively large ears. There may be many concerns about the prerequisites for this treatment given that this is the only type of cosmetic surgery that can be performed on children.

Common Age for Ear Reconstruction Surgery in Delhi
Any completely developed ear can be surgically removed with safety and success. Normally, this happens around age 5. However, the best plastic surgeon in Delhi advises patients to hold off on treatment until they are at least 7 years old. You can ensure that your child's ears are fully developed and grown in this manner.

Children between the ages of 7 and 14 are the most frequent patients for this surgery. Age is a significant consideration when choosing the appropriate time for ear surgery, but it is by no means the only or even the most crucial prerequisite. Reconstructive ear surgery is still surgery, so it's crucial that your kid is willing to have the procedure and is aware of what it entails.

Perks of Ear Reconstruction Surgery in Delhi on Younger Children
The benefits of conducting ear surgery on young children are numerous. Your ears continue to change as you get older, and mature ears' cartilage is less malleable than that of a child's. The earlier a kid undergoes this procedure, the less likely it is that someone will keep making fun of their ears. Young children can be cruel and vengeful in their formative years, which is a depressing but true reality. No child should ever have to go through that kind of suffering.

Procedure for the Surgery
The procedure for ear surgery involves following steps:

Scheduling a preoperative appointment with a board-certified best plastic surgeon in Delhi.

The use of anaesthesia is done during the procedure.
The surgeon will then make an incision to reveal the underlying tissue in the skin behind the ear or in the ear's natural crease.

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The surgeon will use a mix of skin and cartilage grafts taken from other areas of the patient's body to build the ear's structure.

The surgeon will use sutures or staples to seal the incision once the ear structure has been built.
The patient will usually need to remain in the hospital for a few days following the procedure in order to be observed and to receive pain medication.