In order to find the exact cure for a condition, it is only essential that one goes to the bottom of its root cause. Such is the best means to find and apply an effective cure. For instance, when one has recurring headaches, it may be good to take medications once the headache occurs, but would it not be better to really ascertain its true precursor to completely get rid of the headaches? If one is able determine, for instance, that the real instigator of the headaches is stress, then addressing the underlying condition first may totally free the individual from the ailment.

This principle is basically applicable to any disease or condition, and the same can be said about hair loss. It can be alarming to see bundles of your hair falling off or sticking in the hair brush. With the hair being a person’s crowning glory, it can be agonizing to think about the idea of going bald. But baldness is prevalent, especially among men, and it may be a reality they have to bear with as it can go with aging. Hair loss is not only age related. Hair loss can also manifest when a person experiences high stress levels.

Life circumstances that trigger stress such as a tragedy or a major life decision, getting married, moving or having a child can cause hair loss. Hair loss can also be due to intolerance to certain medications. When one recently went through surgery, hair loss can be instigated by a reaction to anesthesia. Cosmetic hair treatments such as perming, coloring and bleaching generally weakens the hair strands thereby causing hair loss. Pulling the hair from the roots through tight pony tails or braids can also be a factor contributing to hair loss. In the same manner, hair loss can also be a manifestation of poor health and nutrition, especially when one is ill or dieting and has gone through rapid weight loss.

A hormonal imbalance such as that of DHT or dihydrotestosterone badly affects the hair follicles thereby slowing down hair growth or completely hampering it. In some cases, baldness is genetic in nature that is, acquired through heredity. It is fact that everyone loses an average of 100 hairs everyday. Hair loss problems only occur if the hair stops re-growing or when one regrows fewer hairs than what was lost. To get to the bottom of the problem would be one of the best means to address the thinning of the hair. If hair loss is stress-related, then perhaps one should initially find measures for stress relief and alleviation.

If the problem is instigated by hair treatment chemicals, then it is best to no longer resort to them or to use milder, natural products instead. As tight pony tails or braids can be damaging to the hair, then one must take time to be gentle with it. Hair loss prevention may even require the use of an appropriate hair brush. If the cause of hair loss is poor nutrition, then the implementation of a healthy, well-balanced diet coupled with supplementation may be the answer. As for hair loss being a reaction to medications, then perhaps ceasing its intake will be the solution.

As for age-related and hereditary hair loss, there are effective products available in the market designed to address the condition. When one makes the right choice of products and with proper care of the hair and the health, there may be hope for the balding. With the proper preventive and treatment measures for hair loss, especially when employed earlier, one need not suffer from this potentially distressing cosmetic and health issue.

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The author of this article, Rose Windale, is a Health and Wellness Coach who has been successful with several natural health programs for many years. Rose recently published a step-by-step guide on how to lose weight the EASY way and become totally healthy and happy. More info on her life-changing eating habits plan HERE.