At Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine™, we believe eating healthy should be the easiest choice to make.. That's why we've been creating and delivering healthy, chef prepared meals for customers across Metro Atlanta and the Southeast since 2003. Our passion is to provide the freshest, most convenient way for you to meet your nutrition and fitness goals without having to plan, cook or settle for frozen, preservative-filled products.

We're employee-owned and -operated, and we support our farmers and food producers by using locally-sourced ingredients and products. Our meals use organic ingredients whenever possible with grass fed/finished, pasture raised meats, wild caught seafood and cage-free poultry that is GMO and antibiotic free. Our produce is organic when it’s available and where it matters most.

From our state-of-the-art kitchen in Atlanta, Ga., our executive chef and culinary team create clean and healthy meals in weekly rotating menus that you can customize. From convenient, twice-weekly delivery or pickup, to exceptional customer support, Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine™ takes the guesswork out of eating healthy.

Micah Gower

With more than 10 years of experience, Micah brings an exceptional level of expertise to Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine’s culinary team. In addition to leading a team of 5 chefs, he manages the daily operations of the Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine kitchen, ensuring consistency and excellence in the quality and taste of our food. With a broad knowledge of menu and dessert planning, butchering, pastries, baking, charcuterie and sausage making, Micah's extensive skills translate to meals that are not only innovative but mouth-watering as well.

Aaron McCray

Aaron received his Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts in 1997, and has been cooking ever since. Having worked in a variety of roles such as Kitchen Manager, Production Chef and Executive Chef, Aaron has built a solid foundation of experience with menu design and planning, kitchen operations, stock and demi-glaze production, desserts, soups and sauces, as well as specializing in international cuisines.

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