Atlas cedar oil gets from the bark of the Atlas cedar tree. Its Botanical name is “Cedrus Atlantica.” It produces by the process through steam distillation of this bark. It has a medium-strong fragrance with a light oily feeling. The color of this Atlas cedar oil is Golden Yellow.

Main Chemical Constituents of Atlas cedar Oil

The major components of the Atlas cedar oil are α-cedrene, β-cedrene, cedrol, thujone, widdrol, (E)-α-atlantone, gamma-himachalene, deodorant, Himachalol and β-himachalene isocedranol with also a group of sesquiterpenes. All these are contributing to health
benefits and medical assessment.

Benefits and uses of Atlas cedar Wood Oil

Atlas cedar Oil has content abound of the chemical component, which is popular for medicine and cosmetics. It also has a masculine blend complements.
Pharmaceutical uses of cosmetics:

Atlas cedar oil reflects various medicinal benefits for the whole body including the skin care expansion.

• Its antibacterial Properties is wonderful ingredients of face-wash use for acne and oily skin.
• It provides an emmenagogue component which plays a most effective role in women’s menstrual cycle.
• You can found its widely used in shampoos for hair loss and scalp problems.
• Usually, it is an aid for hair beads and in the alleviative dry and itchy scalp.
• It also used for the insect bites.
Benefits of pharmaceutical use in Medicine and home remedies:
• Its chemical ingredients are very effective for Cough and cold treatment.
• It may also reduce the blockage of bronchitis.
• Remove phlegm from the lungs.
• It has an antiseptic element as much as it can prevent wounds from the infection and becoming septic.
• It can protect from tetanus microbes too.
• Also, it is used for cystitis, dermatitis, stress, dandruff, acne, arthritis etc.

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Cautions of some circumstance

Before appliance always use a thin amount of Atlas cedar oil with the carrier oil. And also need to do a skin patch test to check the allergic reaction. It should be avoided to use in pregnancy.

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