Attacks on Christians in Nigeria was the latest in a spate of attacks on churches and on Christian holidays in the north of the Nigeria. It is belived that Nigerian authorities and diplomats are part of it to evoke religious conflicts. Explosions and gunfire rocked Bayero University in the northern city of Kano, with witnesses reporting that two church services were targeted as they were being held on campus. The attack took place in one of the lecture theaters used as a place of worship by Christians.

The gunmen killed round about 15 people leaving behind many more injured. The attack was done on a university theater, which is been used by Christian worshipers in Nigeria's northern city of Kano. There was periodic gunfire in the former parts of the city which was believed that it was done by the attackers who were trying to run away from the army at the university. After the attack, police officers and soldiers cordoned off the campus as gunfire echoed in the surrounding streets. Security forces refused to allow rescuers to enter the campus. Soldiers also turned away journalists from the university. According to the people present there the dead bodies and injured ones were being taken to Amino Kano teaching hospital. The attackers used small explosives packed inside aluminum soda cans, this was previously used by the radical Islamist sect Boko Haram.

Boko Haram is waging a growing sectarian battle against Nigeria's weak central government, with attacks across the country's predominantly Muslim north. Attacks on Christians in Nigeria are supposedly done by Boko Haram, a Radical Islamist sect, which has a motive to slice out an Islamic state in northern Nigeria. It has killed many innocents in bomb and guns attacks this year. This sect has been blamed for killing more than 450 people this year alone. It mostly targets police and authority figures but has also attacked churches. Boko Haram had also set up series of bomb during last Christmas Eve, across Nigeria, together with one church outside the capital which killed approx 37 people.

Attacks on Christians in Nigeria is supposed to destabilize the Nigerian state. The attacker's sect's name Boko Haram translated from the local Hausa language means 'Western education is forbidden.' It is a good reflection on the group. But it appears to be unable to confront the group that is attacking Nigeria on a new front almost every week.

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