This surgery is usually performed in universal plastic in the world. Although up to 20% of people who have had this surgery have skin irregularities, lumps, bumps and wavy lines on the skin after laser liposuction. Many more people complain about loose skin after this surgery.

The new laser liposuction is more advanced and it can eliminate the fat, but also leaves the skin smooth without lumps, bumps, wavy lines and skin irregularities called contour deformities. This technology is a revolutionary advance in plastic surgery in meticulous is to liposuction and body contouring.

The new technology allows the plastic surgeon to melt and remove fat, tighten skin and achieve precise body shaping and body contouring and leave smooth tight skin on approximately any parts of the body.

In order to avoid all this confusion let us know in details more about it

What is Laser Liposuction?

It is a form of minimally invasive procedure that may result to some bruising in patients. In this procedure, a very small incision which is made from a 1mm cannula is then inserted. The laser tip of the instrument then comes into contact with fats, the fats are heated and breaks. The melted fat can be removed from the body immediately.

The fats are eliminated from the body are simply expelled through the lymphatic system. The laser intensity is low and can be accustomed as required. A local anesthetic is all that is necessary for the procedure.

Not everyone is made for this type surgery so you need to consult your doctor. Even though some may claim that laser liposuction can work wonders in all parts of your body, you can only really work in limited areas. Only smaller areas like the face, neck and arms may be subjected to this treatment.

Like customary liposuction, this surgery is also a simple body-sculpting process. It is consequently not a answer for plumpness and may not be used for weight loss. Suitable candidates for this new technology are the people who are very healthy and have only small deposits of fat.

Because this process is less invasive compared to any other procedure for body sculpting, there is only minimal bruising, scarring, tissue damage and pain. The incision is said to be so small that a patient no longer needs to be sewn. This means that the recovery rate is faster. Patients can return to their feet in a day or two.

Apart from the fusion of fat, laser liposuction also promotes collagen production and tightens the skin. This is a great improvement over traditional liposuction. In traditional liposuction, some patients end up looking poorer because of the lack of ideal skin elasticity. Some doctors may use laser liposuction after sessions of traditional liposuction to help tighten the skin.

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