According to studies done in brain, we utilize just a little part or capacity of brain and that is only 10%. Many activities are determined by the working of the brain. For instance, to attain superior academic achievement, theperformance would rely much on the brain capacity. Namely, how the brain is capable of processing, storing and retrieving information already stored in the subconscious. People, whose brains are successful in achieving this, achieve success in academics and record good or high education attainment.

When one enhances his/her brain, it is capable of attaining a higher capacity, and thus, improves in the performance of activities. In fact, long-term performance of the brain will depend on the subliminal information you expose your brain to. This information tends to reverse how mind thinks and hence, improving its output and performance.

Every person should work hard to ensure that they do not expose the brain or engage the brain to negative information & thoughts. These thoughts have an impact of spoiling the brain. It is, therefore, true to say that those willing to succeed academically should strive to avoid negative thinking and thoughts. This is only the first or initial step towards achieving academic success. Negative thoughts change the perception of a person, making the situation appear worse than it really is. This, in turn, has an effect of making it possible to make initiatives that would help them gain academic success.

On the other hand, when one changes focus from the negative perception to positive perception, one is able to look into the situation realistically and more clearly, making it easier to set realistic and achievable goals. It is worth noting that failing to set goals is a sure way of some people failing in academics, especially for those who easily lose focus. One should always encourage thoughts that are positive and see possibilities. We refer to or call such thoughts as subliminal messages that generally help one have a more general positive look at life.

The second stage that one can engage in the process of achieving academic success is analyzing their best strengths and weakness. This analysis should be clear and realistic to identify the limits and the possibilities one has. It is important to note that this is possible when one clears the mind of any bias and that the mind is now sober state; after eliminating any negative thoughts.

Whenever one exposes or does effort to expose their weaknesses, they expose the subliminal mind and are now able to view weaknesses objectively. Individuals also view merits or strengths objectively in this stage. Just like in any personal development process, this is the starting point to open mindedness and a desire to exploit any opportunities available.

Self-confidence is the next big step towards attaining academic excellence. In this stage, the person should endeavor filling the subconscious mind with self-affirming thoughts. It is also a stage where one should arm the mind with self-confidence. The result of successfully doing this is having the mind adjusting progressively and is able to accommodate more tasks. The person also succeeds by putting the subconscious into more action.

According to Napoleon Hill, one is able to gain achievement if they think properly. Thus, thinking is the basis for good and high academic achievement. In addition, people know that success in academics is a major success in life and forms a very important milestone towards success in the general life.

People participating in activities that involve physical exercises are also able to achieve academic success than those who do not. There is reliable evidence linking physical activity with positive impact on academic performance. People can use other techniques to improve performance in academics, for instance playing games. The type of games associated with academic success or good/superior academic performance include action video games and puzzles. Playing these games encourages mind activity.

There is evidence that old age is associated with a weakening the mental ability. Thus, old people need to learn how they can improve their cognitive abilities. This is via brain exercise. It results to improved brain performance and old people can achieve superior academic performance too.

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