Last week I discovered the enormous value of attending a live event. I went to a live workshop in New York City that was part of a coaching program I am taking. Just being in a room of so many like-minded individuals was phenomenal. And added to that was the amazing energy of our coach, who radiated such enthusiasm, joy, and love to everyone in the room.

Surround yourself with success
When you are striving to attain a thriving business, one of the most important parts of your potential success is the people you surround yourself with. It’s almost impossible to be successful if you are hanging out with people who don’t support your aspirations. Your friends and family can be subtle obstacles to your success if they don’t believe in your ability to manifest your dreams. As much as possible you need to surround yourself with supportive people.

That’s exactly why going to a live event is so important as you grow your business. You are interacting with people who, like yourself, have overcome obstacles just to get to the event. These are the kind of people who have what it takes to be successful and it’s a great comfort as well as an inspiration to be in their company.

At an event there is usually time to get to know some of the people there through their participation in the event and/or during breaks and after hours. Events are great places to network and most of the organizers know and allow for that. Usually there is a way to stay in contact with those people you connected with after the event, such as a forum, or online group. This is a wonderful way to develop deeper relationships with these people. As you know, marketing, nowadays, is all about building relationships.

Another way to take advantage of your new connections is to share your progress on the material the event covered. We all come back home with new ideas, materials, and assignments. It’s much easier to go through them if you have a few people to probe deeper into the material with, or ask questions about things that you need a better understanding about, as well as share your successes with.

Get inspired from the leader
The other important reason for going to a live event is to experience the energy of the leader of the event. This is usually a person who already has attained the success you seek and just being in their presence, raises your energy to more closely match theirs.

We all have a vibration that surrounds us, which is affected by our thoughts, words, and actions. As a person grows into more of their potential, their vibration changes and the energy they radiate can actually uplift those around them closer to that vibratory level.

Most of us have experienced the energetic presence of a great person when we meet them face-to-face. So imagine the intensity of spending hours or days with someone who is sharing their expertise and high-level energy with you. It can be a truly uplifting experience.

The best way to give a boost to your business is to attend a live event where you can bask in the radiance of a great leader, and connect with like-minded souls who can give you a new level of support, encouragement, and motivation to keep striving to the success you desire.

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